Parenting is bringing up your children with utmost care and love. It is a continuous process that involves self-learning as well. To be a successful parent doesn’t necessarily mean perfect parenting. The bottom line is no one is infallible, nor you nor your parents. Nevertheless, there is always a scope to imbibe certain qualities to make the life of kids and thereby by yours too, comfortable and enjoyable.

The moment you start cherishing and enjoying your parenthood, you know you are on the right track. However, there could be times when you realize that things shouldn’t have been fallen the way it has, it’s the time to correct yourself before it’s too late. Here are some impeccable parenting tips that you should know before it’s late.

1. Share the Responsibilities:

Share Responsibilities

Parenting is no child’s play! To succeed in parenting, it is very important that both the parents are equally engrossed and know their duties towards their children. You might be too busy. Never mind, take charge of getting your kids ready. Let one of you make your child’s healthy breakfast while the other can help getting the kids ready. Morning sessions with kids are the most primary affair and hectic. A child’s mind is fresh and hearing from both the parents makes a lot of difference in their daily showdown.

2. Don’t Make Children Victim of your Conflicts/Stress:

Don’t Make Children Victim to your Conflicts Stress

Positive parenting does not necessarily mean saying yes to everything. It is a gradual process that can be developed only through learning. You might often lose temper due to stress! Your children become the victims of it many a time in this course. This might discouragement your child to open up, which will impact the overall grooming of your children. Should you think you are stressed out, take time off from your work schedule. Go on a holiday, picnic or simply sit at home. The impact is phenomenal.

3. Give Independence with Right Guidance:

Give Freedom with Guidance

Today Children have a lot of independence, but you must know where to stop them. As a parent, it’s your moral duty to guide them through their wrong behavior or ill mannerism. It’s a human nature to pick wrong habits easily than the right once. So, make it clear that it is the behavior of the child that you are scolding them and not him. Love, not fear should imbibe into their minds. Do you remember your childhood stories of ghost entering your house, a scary story sometimes used by your parents so that you behave properly? This fear somewhere or the other creates a phobia and emotional imbalance later in the life. You may say, “I was never afraid of anything” but deep down the line, there is something that you are afraid of. So, don’t pass on this legacy to your children. Let them live fearlessly and help them be confident in everything they do.

4. Don’t be Bias:

Don’t be Bias

This is the most affected syndrome of parenting. A common phenomenon you will find herein there is a clear distinction between a male child and a girl child. There are instances where a boy of the house is given a lot of preference than the girl child. Allowing late night parties for boys, giving them extra pocket money or even praising more than your daughter, will only damage your child…and in this case both. The boy learns only being biased whereas the girl is demotivated. Loving them equally is the only solution in this case.

5. Give Space:

Give Space

The moment you see your child sulked in, or has become silent or not that interactive as before, it’s a sure sign that it is you, who must take action. A constant comparison with others, cousin, sibling, or classmates, may frustrate your child. Every child is different and you need to understand this and accordingly, give space to them but do keep an eye. Whenever you think it’s time to interfere, do not hesitate but not at every point.

6. Don’t be Over Protective:

Don’t be Over Protective

Are you a very over protective kind of a parent? Does your child come up with new ideas? Or is it you who does the spoon-feeding. It is better to remove the parental shield of how to do things and leave it up to your children. You shall be amazed to see how children come up with an ingenious method of doing things that perhaps even you may not be aware of. In fact, it may help you learn from them often. So be supportive but not over protective. Let them take their own decision. You just need to guide them. In fact, they will themselves come to you for suggestion if they need.

7. Trust Them:

Trust Them

It plays a great role in every relationship and parenting is no exception. Trusting your neighbor’s child more than yours is the worst thing that as a parent you could be. But at the same time, blind trust is also not suggested. Keep an eye on your children but do not lose faith in them. If you have taught them the right way there is no reason of untrusting on them. So, first teach them the right things and then you would never have to ever doubt them. Your trust would help them sail through the rough patch of their lives smoothly with your support and trust. Give trust to them you will return the same back in due course of time.

8. Be their Friends:

Be their Friends

Yes, we all have heard of this. But how many have actually understood it? Of course, very few. Because treating your children as your friends is actually a herculean task for the majority of the parents as they themselves have not been treated in such a way by their parents. But today, it’s the age of technology and evolving new principles of treating your children. With time you need to experiment with your parenting approach. Can you live the same lifestyle as you have been living in your childhood? If not, how can you treat your children the way you have been treated? You need to change your approach to parenting. It’s time to make them your friends! It will keep them within your guardianship and they will share every secret with you without hiding anything! You must earn that trust! I myself have done this and I am confident I know everything about them. So be friendly if you want them to trust you and share everything with you.

I am sure, these parenting tips would not be that easy to follow for many parents but what is the harm in trying if you get results. Just try once, you never have to ever be afraid of their careers or lives.

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