We’ve all had well-meaning career advice from family, friends, and colleagues. But not all of that advice is equally valuable. Here are seven pieces of terrible career advice you should ignore today:

1.Take this Job Now, Even If It’s Not What You Really Want

Take this Job Now, Even If It’s Not What You Really Want

Unless you need a salary pronto, try to wait for the right opportunity to come along. Setting yourself on a career path you have no interest in won’t do much for your prospects. If you move on quickly, you may look like a job hopper. And if you develop skills in one area, you may have trouble rebranding yourself in order to enter another sector.

2. You Can Do Anything You Want to Do

You Can Do Anything You Want to Do

Whilst this may act as inspiration and motivation, it’s only half the story. Many career paths require certain qualifications. You can gain these qualifications at any time in your life but you need to plan ahead. You’ll also need a lot of determination and hard work. As they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Neither is a successful career.

3. Follow your Passion and the Money Will Follow

Follow your Passion and the Money Will Follow

If only the world worked like this! This all depends upon what exactly it is you’re passionate about and how skilled you are in this area. Love to paint works of art? You’d have to be very talented and lucky to make a substantial wage from it. Doing something you’re passionate about is likely to make you happy, but it might not necessarily reap the financial reward you dream of. Work on the skills related to your passion to give yourself the best possible shot.

4. Better the Devil (Or Job) You Know

Better the Devil (Or Job) You Know

Sticking with a dead end job or in a toxic work environment or just somewhere where your skills are being underutilized is not a good idea. Ignore anyone who advises you otherwise. Whilst you may have become accustomed to that Monday dread and sense of boredom, be brave and look for greener pastures elsewhere. Your future career will thank you for it.

5. Keep Your Earnings in the Bank

Keep Your Earnings in the Bank

In today’s climate of low-interest rates, you’re unlikely to see your money grow if you leave it in the bank. What worked for one generation doesn’t necessarily work in this day and age. Find yourself a top rate savings account if you really want to build a nest egg. Or consider using part of your pay packet to trade on the stock market. Even if you’re a beginner, there are plenty of ways you can learn to trade and make some extra cash in the process.

6. Work Hard and You’ll Get Promoted

Work Hard and You’ll Get Promoted

Whilst working hard is a prerequisite for a promotion, other things come into play too. You need to bring value to the company. You need to step up and take on extra responsibility. And, most importantly, you need to ask for a promotion. Meet with your boss, talk about the value you’ve added to the company, talk about the responsibilities you’ve taken on and talk about where you want to be headed. Neither a promotion nor a pay rise is likely to fall into your lap.

7. Don’t Rock the Boat

Don’t Rock the Boat

No, you don’t want to be the employee who’s constantly complaining about the way things are done. But if you can be constructive in your criticism and offer a viable alternative to the status quo, it’s worth speaking up. Companies need to adapt to survive. And if you show that you are a forward thinker with some original solutions, it could do your career the world of good.

What works for one person, won’t work for another. Try to forge your own career path to reach the success you desire. And always take the career advice you’re given with a liberal pinch of salt.

Audrey Robinson

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Audrey Robinson is a passionate personal development writer and an administrative assistant writing for a blog. Whenever not working, Audrey might be found listening to motivational speeches on Youtube or picking-up yet another self-improvement book.

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