connect with potential customers all over the world. It offered full creative freedom to businesses as they designed web pages that represented the style and mission of their brands. Since social media took the internet by storm, however, websites are getting replaced by Instagram accounts and Facebook pages. Now, it is more important than ever to connect your existing customers with your social media accounts so that your brand stays relevant and visible.

Integrating your website and your social media accounts isn’t too difficult to do. With a few hours of very basic website design, such as with plugins and links, your website can be completely integrated with social media. Here are six easy ways to get started:

1. Let Your Customers Know Where to Find You

Let Your Customers Know Where to Find You

The easiest and most effective way to bring your website to the social media world is by letting your readers know where to find you. Your readers would likely prefer to engage with you on their favorite social media platform, so let them know where to find you. Include social icons on your page footer so that readers can easily find you on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Visibility is key when it comes to social media so be sure to make it known that you are on their favorite social media sites.

2. Allow Social Logins Instead of Creating New Accounts

Allow Social Logins Instead of Creating New Accounts

Have you ever been to a website that allowed you to login to their platform simply by connecting with your Facebook or Twitter account? It was super easy, right? With one click, you were able to access the valuable information on that website without creating a whole new profile.

You can employ the very same tactic on your website, too. This feature increases engagement with your readers because it eliminates the annoying task of creating a login for your website. It also allows you to connect with them on their favorite social media platform right away.

3. Add & Incorporate Your Social Media Profiles to Your Site

Incorporate Your Social Media Profiles to Your Site

You can easily connect your website to Facebook or Instagram so that reviews, posts, and shares are embedded on your website. This will boost your social credibility with your readers while also offering various ways for them to contact you.

Consider embedding reviews beneath your product descriptions or including a carousel of your Instagram account on the bottom of your page. Even if your readers do not elect to connect with you on social media at first, they will at least know where to find you when they wish to do so.

4. Make your Web Design Social Media Friendly

Incorporate Your Social Media Profiles to Your Site

At least half of your readers are accessing your website through their smartphones. This opens up an incredible opportunity for you to connect with your readers more easily as most smartphones are simultaneously connected to the most popular social media platforms. This allows readers to switch back and forth between applications seamlessly, sharing your content along the way.

The best way to take advantage of this is by making your web design both smartphone friendly and social media friendly. Include quality images in your posts and make your site easy to read on a smartphone or tablet. Include social media icons within each page or blog post so that your readers can easily share your content.

5. Engage With the Community on Social Media

Engage With the Community on Social Media

If you are attracting potential customers through social media, then you will eventually want them to head to your website. On Instagram, in particular, you can easily update your links according to the latest blog posts, giveaways, or features. Then, go out and engage with your community. The more that you like, follow, and comment on relevant Instagram accounts, for example, the more easily they can find you and your updated link.

One of the easiest ways to do that is to use an intelligent automation platform to build your Instagram followers. Many of these programs will do the engaging for you so that you can attract more followers to your social media pages. By actively engaging with your community in this way, they are more likely to visit your website.

6. Make the Content Shareable

Make the Content Shareable

The last way to integrate your social media with your website is to simply create shareable content. Find ways to create viral content or content that your readers actually want to see. Follow Pinterest boards to see what’s trending, or check out websites like BuzzSumo to follow successful blogs. By following the trends on the internet, you will be able to jump in and grab followers more easily.


While it certainly takes the effort to grow your followers on social media, it is not too difficult to integrate social media with your website. We just went through six easy ways that you can begin the process. What are some other ways to engage your customers on social media? We’d love to hear your ideas in the comment box!


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