Sleep, the most relaxing feeling! It’s a state where one unwinds himself from the rest of the world to that perfect slumber. Sound sleep plays a very significant role in everyone’s life. For a healthy and happy life, nutritional food, workouts, and sound sleep are the primary ingredients. A well-slept person is ought to feel more dynamic, focused, energetic and optimist all day long. It is said that on a general, an average adult needs around 8 hours of sleep at night, which means we spend almost about a third of our life in sleeping.

However, there are many who are deprived of sound sleep. If researchers are to be believed, over the past few decades, we are losing almost 25% of our sleep per night on an average. The three kind of fundamental traits of sleep is its timing, severity, and duration. Based on these traits, here are some tips to get sound sleep:

1. Timings:

Decide the Right Time

Our body is like a clock. Although it adapts to our whims and fancies, but we should take it seriously. Most of the time, due to the body clock, sleep often becomes an effort. Nonetheless, this trance should come naturally. It is thereby advised to maintain a regular wake up time and bedtime so that it can help maintaining body’s metabolism system too. In fact, many of us indulge ourselves to afternoon naps on weekends. A very big no – no as this will affect our body pendulum completely. A power nap always works. Thus, early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. Follow this rule! You never have to ever bother about your sleep and health.’

2. Avoid Using Gizmos:

Avoid Using Gizmos

We are in the era of gizmos. Our morning starts with the alarm set on our mobile phones’ clock. There’s no doubt that most of us, before going to bed get a sneak peek into our mobile phones. That disturbs our desire of a good sleep. Research says before going to bed, it is always preferred that one is away from the radiations of television sets, mobiles and lamps, instead take a shower (and not hot bath) and go to bed for that sound sleep. Getting on to gadgets takes our divulgence to another level due to the emitting light and the various topics to ponder on. Tossing on the bed, getting up in the middle of the night, all these instances happen frequently when you use gadgets before sleeping. Your subconscious mind records the event flow of the day and especially just before going to bed. Thus, what you see is what you get. Instead, do something that lulls to sleep – a light soft music does that.

3. Love Thyself:

Love Thyself

The moment you start loving yourself, the feeling of freshness and happiness will automatically emerge. Self-motivation is the best motivation. A driving force that tells, “You can do better.” Going through the day’s work, whether you are office going or a home-maker, businessman or a traveler; value yourself. When you care for yourself, you care about what you eat, drink and even sleep. In a nutshell, when you go to bed, you are relaxed, contented in life and peaceful, there is no way that sound sleep cannot engulf you. It ought to be there and must be soothing.

4. Avoid Sweets And Caffeine At Bed Time:

Avoid Sweets And Caffeine At Bed Time

Most of us do the mistake of indulging ourselves to the sweet tooth. This only will give you more energy to stay awake at night. You will tend to be more pepped up and night shall seem even longer. Moreover, having caffeine, smoking or alcohol at night may disrupt your sleep. It can make you remain awake for a good 6 hour and you may not even feel the fatigue. At the same time, heavy meals too should be avoided. You should stop having it at least two hours prior to your bedtime or else it may lead to acidity, heartburn, heaviness, giving you a very rattled sleep.

5. Exercise And Be Merry:

Exercise And Be Merry

Exercise essentially plays a crucial role in our daily life and more importantly for a sound sleep. It is thereby encouraged that exercise in any form – dancing, swimming, walking, jogging, will make your metabolism better. But exercising before bedtime is certainly not a great idea. Exercise should be done at least three hours prior to your bedtime.

6. Bedtime Habits:

Bedtime Habits

Take up the habit of reading or writing or even meditation before bedtime. This will help ease oneself and be away from all the anxieties. Also, make sure the mattress is very comfortable and you are in the right posture while asleep. This will help you getting that perfect sound sleep.

Hence, follow the above recommendations and get a must needed sound sleep every night for a happy, healthy and active life. Please do suggest any more tips that you know can give you a sound sleep.

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