Going to face interview? Lucy you! Finally got a call! The real challenge lies now in deciding what to wear and how to dress up! The attire, color combination and other related accessories may give you sleepless nights. We’re here to help you out from this dilemma! Of course, the job will remain yours if my suggestions work!

The overall objective of right dressing sense is looking professional and comfortable when facing the interview. There are several things you need to consider like country, industry trend, climate, time, place and finally the job you have applied for! All these will decide what your outfit should be!

Here are few tips I am sure will work for your interview! Know the industry you are going to join. If it is corporate world shirt with trouser will be the best fit for women. Remember you wear half or full sleeve shirt not sleeveless. You may wear skirt also but not mini-skirts. For men, dark shade trouser paired with a light color full-sleeve shirt will go well. Do not forget to pair it up with a contrast tie.

1. Consider Geographical Location

Consider Geographical Location

Every country has its own tradition and pattern of dressing up. Choose the dress according to your country. For instance, if you wear suit or saree in London it wouldn’t work. Understand the culture of your country and dress up accordingly. Try to mix up with the people there in terms of dress code and don’t try to seem like odd man out.

2. Weather Condition

Weather Condition

You must also keep in mind the weather of the place while choosing the dress. If it is winter in London you can’t wear short clothes. You should wear sweaters and coats complementing the climate of the country and also the weather of the month you are going to appear for the interview.

3. Know the Dress Code of the Company

Know the Dress Code of the Company

Some companies have their own dress code. Find out the dress code of the company you are going to work for. Search it out on the internet about the company and its culture. Invest on quality shoes also. It should be comfortable and polished. Avoid shoes that expose your toes. If you are unsure about the right dress and shoes, visit a nearby good clothing store and call the reception for your help.  Investing in good suit is well spent and gives you dividends in the long run. It can dramatically change your overall look and appearance.

4. Perfect Hairdo Boosts your Personality

Perfect Hairdo Boosts your Personality

Having right hairdo adds to your personality. Avoid tightly wrapping your hair. It should be washed and neatly done. You may wrap it loosely or can also leave it open if you have short hair.  Avoid using perfume. It is mostly suggested not to use perfume as often it may be troublesome for others. There could be someone allergic to fragrances. Even if you wish to use perfume, wear mild ones just to counter your body odor only.

5. Invest in Comfortable Shoes

Invest in Comfortable Shoes

Right shoes help your legs breathe. For woman slight heeled sandals, pumps, or even light boots would work. Slight heels give your personality a powerful lift and boost your professional touch. But remember it should be noiseless and comfortable. For men, right fitting shoes or often professional looking loafers would also do. When it comes to the color of shoes, keep it dark brown or jet black.

6. Light and Invisible Makeup Looks Professional

Light and Invisible Makeup Looks Professional

Wear light makeup without a heavy layer of foundation. You can use sunscreen as it works similar to the foundation and gives your face a natural radiance. You can use matt finish light lipstick, tiny earring, and light necklace. For men, a clean and well moisture face is the best bet when appearing for the interview. Do not forget to clean shave and apply regular moisturizer considering the weather of the place. Wearing a simple yet professional looking watch can also add to your professional appeal.

You are all set to face the interview now with all mighty brain and confidence that comes up with your right dressing sense. All the very best for your upcoming interview! Feel free to share your experience with me here. Your comments and experiences are most welcome!

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