“Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things. Peter F. Drucker

Who doesn’t want to lead? Every individual desires to lead; be it at home, in friends, at office or in society/community. Each human being loves to have power and position to lead people under him/her. It is a leader who unites a team/group, plans strategies to overcome tough times, motivates team members to work hard and achieve goals along with guiding how to do, when to do, what to do, and so on…

Being a leader calls not only for authority but also for responsibilities and accountabilities. You as a leader work as a father, mother and teacher for the group/team. Hence, it requires special leadership skill to be a group leader. In absence of efficient leadership skills, you as a leader would not be appreciated and admired by fellow members. Below are 6 ways to improve your Leadership Skills:

1. Visualize Future and Plan Accordingly:

Visualize Future and Plan Accordingly

The most important skill to be worked upon to become an efficient leader. Visualize the upcoming event, problems, tasks etc. and plan accordingly to take the measures needed. Spare some time in sharing what you think for a particular situation, ask your team’s views and opinion and plan out your short term goals. This would ultimately help in directing a clear path that your team can follow. Each team member must comprehend why these goals are set. Include team members in tactical planning settings, ask for the opinion and develop the confidence in them by valuing their opinions.

2. Be an Exemplar:

Be an Exemplar

Show your team members how you exactly like to see them do. Don’t be indecisive on this. People revere someone who talks the talk but does not walk the walk. Studies depict the power of the exemplary; flawless inspiration is one of the fundamental traits of leaders. The simplest way to develop your team is to exhibit the right deeds for them. Thus, group members regard these leaders and work to outdo these behaviors. If you want to grow into a better leader, work on demonstrating the qualities that you would like to see in your team members.

3. Identify and Employ Your Fortes:

Know your Strength

Every one of us is born with usual leadership skills. You just need to brush them up whereas there are certain particular attributes that you must have developed over the lifespan. Understanding and employing these fortes will support you in being a challenging leader. These fortes could ideally be finding a positivity in every negativity, quick decision making, punctuality, broad-mindedness, uniting and encouraging people around us, taking initiative in whatever team decides to work with and lot more.

4. Set Ultimate Goals:

Set Ultimate Goals

Remember, you have got a team of human beings and not supermen/women. Whatsoever goals you decide to achieve as a team leader should be clear, concise, complete and concrete. There must not be any such goals that cannot be achieved or in achieving those goals your team must work beyond their working capabilities. The defined goals must be measurable and plan to achieve them must be easily understood by the team.

5. Accept Your Mistakes and Learn from Them:

Accept Your Mistakes and Learn from Them:

There is nothing like, you being a leader cannot go wrong. You are a human being and you can, of course, make mistakes. What matters is that you accept those mistakes and learn from them. When your team sees you accepting your mistakes, they will gain confidence in sharing any mistake at their part and will learn from them. Sometimes your plans may go wrong, in this case, accept the mistake and ask your team for suggestions. Be humble and polite.

6. Learning is a Continuous Process:

Learning is a Continuous Process

Being an efficient leader, you need to learn and update regularly. Be in line with the latest news, technology, gadgets, and trends and keep learning from wherever you get an opportunity. The more you learn, the more you share and thus sharing your knowledge increases yours as well. Your team would follow you only when they see you matching up to what’s new. No one would like to keep manual records if they can save them in digitally.

To be a successful and admirable leader, you must keep on improving your leadership skills. Note that people only follow the ones who are different and effective. Treat your team as your family and you will find no difficulty in leading it. I am sure; you all would surely have something to add to this short list of leadership skills! So, do not hesitate to put forth your suggestions and points to make this list complete and comprehensive!

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