TED Talks have been a source of motivation for thousands of people around the world who want to motivate themselves for the challenges of life. It has been a podium for the achievers of the world who etched a mark in their respective field who use this platform to share their life experiences and the lessons they learned from the journey of life.

The platform of TED not only fills the ambitious and enthusiastic people with motivational energy but it also offers them a learning opportunity.

So if you want to get some type of motivation, then we round up here some of the best ted talks for your inspiration:

1. Elizabeth Gilbert: Your Elusive Creative Genius

Elizabeth Gilbert

She is the author of the best-selling novel “Eat, Pray, Love” that tells the story of this famous author who suffered a setback in her marriage which eventually resulted in a divorce. In this speech, she teaches the lessons you can learn from failure through her life experiences. So if you’ve bungled up in life, here is a life-changing lecture you can get inspired today.

2. Dan Pink: The Puzzle Of Motivation

Dan Pink

The author of some of the best publications on career management, Dan Pink is regarded as a trusted source of guidance for professionals who want to make it big in life. In this particular TED, he explains why the rewarding system is not always effective in the workplace.

To him, the inner drive is the fundamental motivator for any worker to bring out the best from his skills. According to him, you can only excel in your profession when you can develop the passion for your job. Watch this amazing TED if you want to supersede others in your job.

3. Dan Ariely: What Makes Us Feel Good About Our Work?

Dan Ariely

One of the most eloquent public speakers, Dan Ariely is known for his high-spirited speeches that reveal the truths about life, career, money management, and many more topics. His TED talks have reached the mark of more than 10 million.

In this particular TED, he shifts the focus on the workplace motivators. He explains how we tend to flag motivation when we stuck in a rut. Dan Ariely tells you the different factors that lead to higher satisfaction at work. This TED is worth watching for everyone who wants to achieve professional gratification.

4. Arianna Huffington: How To Succeed? Get More Sleep

Arianna Huffington

We already know that sleep encourages ideation. In this TED, Arianna Huffington reveals how getting more sleep can improve the performance of our brain which in turn helps in the idea generation. She tells you how this small change can trigger your creative side and make a difference in your day-to-day job.

5. Dan Gilbert: The Surprising Science Of Happiness

Dan Gilbert

An accomplished businessman who owns a number of businesses, Dan Gilbert has everything to get the best out of his life. However, he knows the art of living a truly happy life even when the chips are down. In this TED, he delivers an impressive discourse about how you can stay happy against all the odds.

He explains the psychology of happiness by elucidating the factors that affect our cognitive process. He elucidates with examples of people about how happiness can be achieved even when your life is under chaos.

6. Tony Robbins: Why We Do What We Do?

Tony Robbins

An entrepreneur, public speaker, and a philanthropist, Tony Robbins has conducted several TED talks that were attended by over four millions of people. In this TED talk, he tells you about the dynamics behind our actions.

In this TED, he lists our decisions, habits, and the world around us as the primary factors that form our attitudes and make the basis for our actions. According to him, we all seek the six basic human needs that include variety, certainty, significance, growth, giving back and love. It is these needs that force actions of every human being.

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