Before jumping to the habits of creative people, let’s first understand what really creativity is? Who are these creative people actually? How do they look like?  Does God make them special or say creative? I think, ‘NO’. God is never partial with any of his children. Then, how these people exist? One of the most creative heads of this era, Sir Albert Einstein well expressed creativity. As he quoted, “Creativity is intelligence having fun. Creativity is seeing what everyone else has seen, and thinking what no one else has thought.” Creativity is basically the urge to do something never happened. Creative people are thus whom which have this urge burning inside them. So, let’s have a look at the lifestyles of these highly creative people and try to acquire some of their habits in our lives:

1. They Work when the Whole World Sleeps:

They Work when the Whole World Sleeps

Going through many creative peoples’ life history, I saw one thing common in all, ‘Their sleep’. They don’t sleep when the whole world sleeps. They rather stay awake during that phase, which they call “Creative hours or Master time”. They stay awake to get something creative out of their heads. When the whole world is busy sleeping, these are the people busy doing creations. Feeding world with their innovations. The time may be early morning or late night. But, this is the time of creation. As every creative people know, solitude is the key to success. The time, when there is no one to disturb. No one to question. No one to answer. Just they and their creativity.

2. They talk to themselves:

They Work when the Whole World Sleeps

People call them insane. People call them weird. But they are the people with high ambitions and clear path. Swami Vivekananda also said, Talk to yourself once in a day. Otherwise, you miss meeting an excellent person in this world. Most creative people always talk to themselves once in a day. Because they know the best advice or idea if anyone can give to them is their own consciousness. They know no one else can inspires can them as much as their own aspiration. Moreover, talking to oneself helps in building confidence. For doing something extraordinary, we need confidence. We need to believe that it will work. It actually works.

3. They Stay Happy Always:

They Work when the Whole World Sleeps

Another habit which I have seen common in many creative people is their happy-go nature. For this, they do exercise daily. They spend at least few minutes of the day in doing what they love. To replenish their creative head. To feed their brain with innovative thoughts. They all know, a positive mind gives better results than a negative one. They believe that for doing something uniquely their soul should be happy.

4. They failed more. Thus, gained more:

They Work when the Whole World Sleep

Yes, they have failed more than us. You know why? Because they have tried more than us. They never give up because of the results. Joseph Chilton Pearce also believed, To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong. Creative people are fearless. They never thought of what people are going to say on their failures. They don’t even mind if people laugh at them. What they care for is their growth. Their progress. They want what they want. Thus, by their hard work and dedication they success to do something which the world have never seen before.

5. They go beyond Possibilities:

They Work when the Whole World Sleep

These words by Henri Matisse perfectly define creative people, Creative people are curious, flexible, persistent and independent with a tremendous spirit of adventure and love of play.” They are the one who starts thinking from there where normal people’s imagination ends. They always try to end up with discovering something interesting and offbeat. Something out of the box, which lead them towards their success.

6. They follow their Instinct, they are Passionate:

They follow their instinct, they are passionate

They wander for innovations. They sit whole day long at one place just for that single thought to hit in their heads. They work madly. They work passionately. They follow strict schedules. They do what their heart says. They are same as us, yet different from us. What makes them different is their madness. Madness for becoming creative. Madness for doing something better for the world. Madness for doing something new.

So, these were the few habits of highly creative people which I have noticed mostly, which helped me in becoming more creative. If I have missed anything you want to share, do comment so that I too can learn and increase my creativeness.

I believe, in the 21st century, where there is so much of competition and success seems very hard to achieve. On the other hand, being creative is the easiest way or say the only way to be successful. Where there is so much of dominance to pull us down, only our creativity can keep us elevated. Creativity is walking with the crowd, but having a different line of thinking. So, find your X-factor today and let people witness some more good creations. So, are you ready to be a creative creature? Your comments and suggestions are appreciated!

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