Find out what you like doing best, and get someone to pay you for doing it.                                                                                                  
– Katharine Whitehorn

Choosing the right career is not an easy task, you may fall into a rut. But to be honest, it is not that difficult as well so long you know what you want from your life and what you do best. The most important and necessary aspect you should not avoid considering when selecting your career is how passionate you are about it. Do you love writing, playing football, acting or painting?

In today’s scenario, career options are many. Be it sports, life science, entertainment, hospitality or even travel. You first need to find out what excites you!  I am sure most of you might have watched “3 Idiots” movie! It teaches a lesson each one of us must learn. I would suggest never love a profession and marry with other. You cannot survive for long. Let’s have a quick overview of the most prominent factors that you must ponder upon before taking a serious leap into your career life:

1. Your Interest and Passion Matters Most

Your Interest and Passion Matters Most

Interest is the most vital factor you should consider. When you will marry your interest you never have to work! It will become your lifeline and regular feed. Do not only work to seek paycheck. It does matter but when you work for the growth of your own passion and interest you do not bother about pay! It will keep coming and adding to your experience. You will feel excited and passionate throughout if you choose the career that excites and encourage you to explore more. Like, I love to write. I am not a trained writer. But finally, I started writing out of my interest and passion. This gives me satisfaction and of course, with time it will grow and help me financially as well. I keep blogging and enjoy it. Every day I keep track of visits and comments. Every time I think of exploring better options to write varieties of topics and keep learning! Because it all excites me. I never find boredom doing so.

2. Know your Personality Type

Know your Personality Type

Every person is unique, so are the interests and personalities. You should analyze your personality type. Choose your career given your personality type. There are many ways you can check your personality type like appearing for personality type tests. It is free and proven. If you have a dynamic personality with appealing height and pleasant features, the career in modeling, airlines, entertainment or hospitality is your cup of tea. If you have a skill for face reading and body language reading you can help people in their rough patch of lives by offering psychological or motivational consultants. Similarly, there are many options available suiting your personality type.

3. Research the Scope of your Career

Research the Scope of your Career

Before choosing the desired career you must research about the scope of growth and related pitfalls. It will keep you prepared for any untoward circumstances and you will be ready for your future. Suppose, if you opt for modeling you must know it would be smooth so long you are young, appealing and energetic. But if you select writing career you can keep going till your last breath and become more precious with age. But it doesn’t mean you should not select a short living career. It will only show you the future and keep you ready for it. Being a model you can earn decently in your heyday days and save for low days. With the evolving technology and paradigm shift in market and job opportunities, you must update yourself with the technologies and the related changes.

4. Know the Income Resources

Know the Income Resources

Whatever career you select make sure it addresses your desires and other expenses too in addition to fulfilling your everyday needs. You’ll not get any second birth to fulfill your desires and dreams. Select the career that interests you but at the same time it should have scope to support your dreams and family for a long term.  You may find many options and resources to earn once you enter into your desired profession.  So keep your eyes and mind open and be ready to adapt to changes and explore the opportunities therein.

5. Accept the Change

Accept the Change

This is the most crucial aspect that can decide your future in the long run. Change is constant and rapid. If you are ready to change, things will be simpler for you. Not every change is avoided or negligible. Be alert and adapt to change. Learn new things every day, try to collaborate and meet new people wholeheartedly with a zest for learning. You can learn from anyone irrespective of his caste, creed or nation. Do not spurn change. It is destined. Try to flow with it.

6. Keep Learning

Keep Learning

Never ever shirk learning. The day you stop learning you start dying. Till your last breath, never cease to learn. This is what makes a person modest and humble. Most importantly, do not bother about the background or the social status of the person that taught you anything. Don’t be ashamed of who taught you. He could be much younger or inexperienced than you. But still, he can teach you something you don’t know. Don’t get irritated when the new generation teaches you what you are not aware of. Learning is never-ending. It could come to you in any form, from anyone and at any time. Just grab it! Be open to change and ready to learn. This is the most precious tip to be successful in your life and career.  

If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.
Milton Berle

I am sure these tips would surely help you make the right career selection of your life. Once you are in the right track things will fall into place gradually. Have patience and faith in your skill and on almighty.  Do share your personal views on this topic! It will add to my knowledge, I will be happy to listen!

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