College or school is a great time for a student, but it doesn’t mean you automatically get the most out of it. There are lots of things you can do before you pass graduation, and we don’t mean attending every party on campus.

There are actually a few practical things one should do before they graduate. This could make it much easier for them to function in the outside world. Have a look at some examples/suggestions below:

1. Deal With Your Troubles

Deal With Your Troubles

Students usually face a lot of hurdles, but they also have a support system to get them through it all. They may have parents at their back, along with academic advisors, teachers, and mentors. However, they should try to smooth over rough patches and talk on their own behalf before they graduate.

A student should inculcate this habit as soon as possible because a safety net can only be there for so long. Even if your parents support you long after you’re an adult, this situation is far from ideal. Don’t let anyone help you out with anything you can handle yourself. You may reach out for serious problems, such as depressions, accidents, and probation.

However, try to resolve the smaller of your issues yourself. This includes your fights with your roommate, slipping grades, or looming deadlines. Reach out to advisors here for advice, not a crutch. The more you try to solve your problems yourself, the better you would be equipped to do the same in real life.

2. Develop A Filter System For Advice

Develop A Filter System For Advice

As mentioned above, it is perfectly all right and even commendable to ask for advice when you’re in a tight spot. However, make sure that you know how to put your request in such a way that it’s not just begging for help. Learn how to put forward your request in a professional, tactical, and concise manner. You may have to do the same with a mentor or your supervising manager in the near future.

Along with asking for advice, you also need to know what to do with it. Think of the words of your advisors, parents, or anyone you look up to. Don’t just grab onto the first thing that comes to mind. Know how to talk things over with someone you trust without putting the whole burden of your problems on them.

3. How To Deal With Feedback

How To Deal With Feedback

As a student, you would get a lot of criticism and praise on your coursework, presentations, and any extracurricular activity. One sign of a mature person is that they know how to deal with criticism from professionals like their teachers. Hence, you should not be thinking that your teacher wants to insult you; but that they want to help you do better.

The same goes for praise. One should learn not to let praise go to their heads, but to take this as a jumping board to reach further heights.

With this sort of self-training, a student then learns how to deal with any kind of feedback in the workplace. One day they would shine; one another, they might mess up. In both cases, an educated person needs to know how to handle the situation gracefully and better themselves because of it. This would do wonders in helping them progress in the workplace and life in general.

4. How To Prepare

How To Prepare

Whether you’re graduating from high school or college, you should have the habit of preparation down pat. If you have to read something before class, you should be able to insert it into your routine in a pinch. One great way to ensure you have everything under control is to get on top of your work first, and then consider some leisurely pastime.

This kind of habit would be able to make you a diligent worker and one likely to catch the eye of their superiors. This could very well put you in line or early promotions, raises, and several other benefits.

5. How To Manage Fun Pastimes

How To Manage Fun Pastimes

Part of being an adult is knowing when to say no to something that looks fun. You may want to go to a party, but your common sense would tell you that it’s simply not worth ruining the next day of school. You may have an important exam or presentation the next day, so getting a good night’s sleep is more important than a few hours of fun.

While in college or school, a little slack may be fine every now and then. However, as graduation looms near, you may want to start taking more responsible decisions. This is because your fun parties won’t do you any good on a work night and could wreak havoc with your career.


A student would be able to rely on his parents for the most part. However, the older one are more independent they have to be. Follow the above tips in order to stave off the shock when you’re on your own after graduation. It’s time you start preparing and make your own way in the world!

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