Our personality is the replica of our self-esteem! It speaks a lot about how we think about ourselves. People often misinterpret their confidence and self-esteem. These are two altogether different terms. Self-esteem is something we feel about ourselves! While self-confidence is something we feel about our ability, event or any situation. Being confident with a low self-esteem is possible and the vice versa.

Self-confidence and self-esteem are the two magical qualities which can turn a person’s world within seconds. Yes, they have that power. A person with a high self-esteem knows how beautiful the world is and a confident person knows all about going into his/her life. No matter what happens, we know we are going to make every impossible, possible. If we believe, we can. Eventually, we do. Just because of these two beliefs. We can create our own world. We can become the master of our lives. So, here are 5 life skills you must learn to build your confidence and self-esteem. These have always worked for me. I hope it will help creating magic in your life as well:

1. Accept the way you are. Self-love is must:

Accept the way you are. Self-love is must

A friend of mine always says this, “The one who can’t be happy, can never make others happy.” Same goes with love. If you don’t love yourself, you will never love any other thing in this world. The most beautiful person in this world, the most loyal one for us is we, ourselves. If we cannot love the way we are, if we don’t appreciate ourselves, we can never truly compliment anyone. Remember, once we accept ourselves, no one in this world can break our self-esteem. We owe ourselves the love that we can freely give to others.

2. Build yourself the Way you Want. Not What Others Want:

Be what you Want. Not What Others Want

No one in this world is perfect and we should never feel low in life. Instead, utilize every second to become what we want to be, doing what we feel like, and not what other wants us to become. According to Eleanor Roosevelt, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. If there are two ways to do something, one is what our heart says and the other what people says. Always choose the first one. It’s your life. Maybe you will fail to choose your path sometimes, but you would know you wanted to do this. There will be satisfaction. Thus, no regrets and more confidence.

3. People full of Knowledge Never Suffer Lack of Confidence:

Knowledgeable People are Full of Confidence

The major reason behind suffering from low confidence is having less or no knowledge about something. Let’s just consider this familiar example. Many times during a debate we feel less confident. Not because of our fear of public speaking but because we know that we have less knowledge about the subject. Eventually, we agree with opponent’s view, no matter he is right or wrong. Maybe he knew less than us, but we lost because of our less knowledge and thus less confidence. Now consider this, if anyone in this world, try to address the alphabet ‘A’ as ‘J’, will you agree? No matter what his position may be, we will never agree. Instead, will come up with full confidence that he is wrong. You know why? Because we know this since our childhood. We have read it. We have complete knowledge about it. Remember, complete knowledge is important. Half knowledge will also make you suffer through lack of confidence. The more we gain knowledge, the more we practice, the more will be our confidence level.

4. Know your Strengths more than your Weaknesses:

Know your Strengths more than your Weaknesses

Focusing more on your shortcomings than your potencies will lead us to a state of low confidence. Yelling at your weaknesses will make you weak. Instead, if you invest your time in enhancing your strengths, you will start feeling more powerful, more confident. Confidence is a strong feeling about your abilities. Abilities to do something. That strong feeling comes from your strong continuous efforts to polish your strengths.

5. Don’t worry about Failures:

Don’t worry about Failures

Physiatrists have witnessed since decades that continuous failures are the factors of leveling down our confidence level. Many people see failure as the end of their dreams and stop dreaming. Thomas Edison quoted brilliantly, “I haven’t failed. I have just found 1000 ways that didn’t work.” These words by him define failure isn’t an end. But a new beginning. Think who is more powerful? The one who have discovered 1000 ways that did not work or the one who knows only one way to success? Remember, with every failure, we lose nothing but gain experience and knowledge. And as I mentioned above, knowledge brings confidence along with it. So, always consider failure as an opportunity to think differently for the given problem. Learn from it. Gain from it and get but with a new confidence level.

I am sure, these a few life skills would help you to build your confidence and self-esteem. Keep one thing in mind always be proud of who you are and not be ashamed of how someone else sees you. Always try to be the best version of you. Never be afraid of things. Do everything that you want out of your life confidently. And if you want to share some of your experiences and tricks to build up confidence and self-esteem, go ahead. Use comment area, share your views. We would be delighted to publish it here!

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