The 20s is a very crucial point in the life of everyone. Don’t get me wrong, every part of one’s life is very crucial, but the 20s have been known to be very controversial. Like it or not, the habits that you develop in your 20s can last a lifetime. They can either make or mar you.

A lot of things, both positive and negative are associated with this age grade. A high rate of drug abuse, unwanted pregnancies, runaways, abandonments, as well as innovations, record-breaking achievements, and success stories are made at this point.

It is very easy for one to make mistakes and fall off track in the 20s, which is why you must be watchful. Before this time, the 20s were marked with fun, mistakes, and learning. Now, there has been an increase in the pressure exerted on people in their 20s, especially in their late 20s. Everyone expects you to start taking full responsibility for your life and being impactful during this period of life.

There are some notable characteristics of successful people in their 20s. While you are picking up things at this young age, do not forget to pick up some of these habits, as they are life-changing.


  1. Focus

Focus is not inborn, it is a result of discipline. You instill focus in yourself. You make a conscious decision to stay focused, and you stick with this decision. Getting distracted in your 20s requires minimalistic efforts. You are fresh out of your guardian’s protection, exposed, and ‘free’. You want to explore this new dimension of freedom, and that is okay. But if not curtailed, you can run into your own ruin, and sometimes, it is drastic and irreversible.

You need to keep your eyes on the goal. You must have the willpower of your own, say no to some things, and say yes to others, know which deserves which answers. Focus and do not let frivolities distract you. It is not worth it.

2. Budget

Plan! Plan!! Plan!!! The fact that you can afford it does not mean you should purchase it. Let’s face it, there is always going to be one new thing or the other that we get the urge to buy. The urge literally never dies. If you continue to succumb to the need you will run down financially, regardless of how wealthy you are, and this is what happens when you do not have a budget.

Even as a bachelor or spinster, you cannot overemphasize the importance of planning. It makes you more organized, allows you to save more money, and generally builds your discipline rate. Get a book, get a planner, and start tracking your costs and expenditures. You will find out that this habit will follow you through your life, and you will be thankful you did pick it up in the long run.

3. Educate Yourself

And no, I do not mean only with books. It is possible to know everything in a book and remain uneducated. The fact that you no longer have to step into a school, does not mean you should stop learning. Read varieties of books. Acquire knowledge and retain it like a prized possession (trust me, it is), ask older people questions, attend mind training seminars, go out and interact with people, form a community.

Seriously, guys, education can take you far. Be the one that knows a little bit about every subject, no matter how ‘useless’ it seems. No knowledge is a waste, and as your life unveils before you, you will see how true this is.

4. Mind your Business

Gossiping and little chit chats take energy. If this is the only thing you and your friends do when you are together, then you are with the wrong group. Channel the energy you use to discuss the affairs of others into building your own life. Protect your energy.

Minding your business is as simple as asking yourself a few questions like; does this concern me? Will this add any value to my life? Is this the only thing I could be doing at this time? When you evaluate your answers, you will see that indeed, it pays mostly to mind your business.

5. Watch your Health

Most times, the results of our actions in our 20s do not unveil until we are well past the stage. The little health habits you think do not affect you now because you are not old enough to suffer arthritis, bone and muscle ache, and the other ‘old people illnesses’ end up affecting you later.

Do not neglect the importance of staying healthy. Drink a lot of water, eat healthy, exercise, and do all that good stuff that you know you should be doing.

Your 20s are critical, do not waste them. When you are older, you will be proud of yourself for the habits you picked up during this stage.

About The Author

Joy Ogide is a freelance writer specialized in writing lifestyle and digital marketing contents. She currently runs a small writing business where she helps curate contents for blogs and teach budding freelance writers.

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