If you are a freelancer, then the ability to work productively is especially important: this is the easiest way to earn more for the same time. When you are able to finish the project twice as fast, it doubles your cost. In addition, you have more time for a family or for other projects without having to work extra.

Here are 4 tips that can help improve productivity in half.

1. Pomodoro Technique

That is what it means: you work 25 minutes without being distracted. You rest for five minutes, and after 4 cycles arrange a break longer – 30 minutes for example.

Francesco Cirillo, the creator of technology, in 2006, named the psychological mechanism underlying it – the purposefulness.

The technique helps to stop distracting on social networks or YouTube. Time goes by and you know that you need to concentrate only for 25 minutes. In addition, after 4 such sessions, you can do what you want during a long break.

Many mobile applications will help you master this method. Personally, I use Clear Focus from the Android Store. You can take a timer on your phone, computer or even a kitchen clock. It still works. Another easy way to increase productivity is through task lists. They do not let you forget about business – sometimes, if you missed one of them, then you spend more time correcting. So when working on a project, instead of thinking about what to do next time, just open the list and delete the completed tasks.

2. Meditate to Increase the Concentration

Meditation is a great way to learn to focus better. Almost all successful people practice this or that form of meditation. There are scientific works in which it is stated that people who meditate concentrate better than those who do not.

“Compared to those who do not meditate, practicing meditation had more stability in the posteromedial cortex of the brain. This part in the lower part of the brain is responsible for spontaneous thoughts and wandering of the mind. “

3. Plan your Breaks

Another way to reduce distractions is to plan your breaks in advance. Decide when you will rest and what you will do in your spare time. This will not allow you to constantly check Facebook, because you will know that soon are the time for rest and you can do it during the break. In addition, if you combine this strategy with the technology Pomodoro – then you can completely stop distracting.

Therefore, at the beginning of each working day, plan at what time you will arrange a break and what will you do during the rest? Do not try to plan everything to the nearest minute, because you probably want to spend more time on something – on your favorite TV show, for example.

4. Prioritize

Obviously, setting priorities in the work is very important. In any case, simply because one job has tougher terms than other project does not at all mean that it should be done first. Objectively evaluate the list of tasks – which will take more time? What elements can be done earlier, and what can be done later? Think about this before starting work and you will no longer face-missed deadline.

Act now. These tips helped me personally to increase my productivity by half and do the work faster. To achieve results, you need to start acting and apply these tips every day. I would advise you to start with the Pomodoro technique since it has the most powerful effect. Then gradually introduce other methods. Moreover, very soon you will finish in two hours what you used to do in four.

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