Not Confident of your Leadership? You are Capable of Leading!

Not Confident of your Leadership? You are Capable of Leading!


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Do you think leadership, which is the path to success, is crafted for extroverts? You might have heard often that you need to be a socialite to lead as you may have to work hard making it in today’s technology driven and fast-paced world. In reality, there is no logic that connects extroversion to success. The best example is Bill Gates. On the flip-side, you might have been taken this as a fact that the most introverted leaders can sail through the complicated path of globalism. Have you taken the personality-type too obsessively in your quest to find a thumb rule for success?

As per a study, nearly 16-50% people are introverts and only 50-75% of people are extroverts. Thus today’s scholarship has started defying this dichotomy to establish this fact that nearly 70% of us are ambiverts. This means that we are a mix of introverts and extroverts both. Let’ see how your personality type can help and pull you down in your endeavor to leadership.

Being an Introvert is Awesome, but it’s not free from Drawbacks

Being an Introvert is Awesome, but it’s not free from Drawbacks

If you do best with a small group and are good at one-on-one interactions, and you prefer to enjoy solitude, you’re an introvert. You are self-motivated and you’re not afraid to sit in solitude and meditate.

You are adept at listening to various aspects prior to speaking. You pay great attention to the substance of what is being said over the way it is delivered. You can find solutions with objectivity, and you are not easily manipulated once you have reached a conclusion. The best exemplification of this personality type was President Lincoln.

As introverts spend more time evaluating problems from multiple angles, they are great at foreseeing change. Great investor, like Warren Buffet, is able to forecast the mood of the market.

But this type of leadership also faces some downsides. Since they usually work alone, working in large groups and interacting with others can often be an exhausting experience for them. It could be tough for employees to read introverted leaders, thus it may make them aloof, unapproachable, or uninspiring. Nonetheless, they can generally anticipate change, introverts find it difficult to adapt to unexpected situations.

Extroverts Stands out in a Crowd, but they also have their share of Pitfalls

Extroverts Stands out in a Crowd, but they also have their share of Pitfalls

Extroverts are the other end of the personality type landscape. If you thrive on social interaction and find time alone unproductive, you are an extrovert. You enjoy speaking your ideas out loud and can fly by the seat of your pants at the face of instant change.

You are a great public speaker, and find solace in networking with others. You are interested to know people and are not scared of reaching out to new customers, prospects, and clients. You can thrive under pressure.

While this personality type has its own set of advantages, it is not devoid of drawbacks. As extroverts trigger their energy from external sources, they are more outspoken. They are found to have displayed more impulsiveness or pushiness given the specific situation. Extroverts opt to seek external validation from resources compared to introverts as they are less likely to take their individual decision.

Is Being an Ambivert is the Best?

Is Being an Ambivert is the Best

If you don’t fall into either of the personality types, chances are you might be an ambivert. This personality type is coupled with the mixture of introverts and extroverts in varying degrees. They are much better in all respects their introverted and extroverted counterparts.

This personality type carries a balanced approach to leadership, and can easily adapt to new situations. They are able to easily interact and engage with both introverts and extroverts, and they can also act as a bridge between the two personalities in a group environment.

What to Learn from both the Personality Types?

What to Learn from both the Personality Types

Instead of trying to convert yourself to any of the personality types, we should focus on the traits of each type. For instance, extrovert people are outspoken, but when they are met with equally engaging personalities, they take it as an affront. At the same time, extroverts strive to listen to their employees as intensely as introvert leaders without being threatened.

Introverts hate the spotlight, but often their contribution is too valuable to be overlooked by everyone in the system.

Extroverts and introverts can benefit from finding the middle approach that their ambivert counterparts are known to have. You need to display the traits of an ambivert to foster a connection between different personalities on your team, this will ensure that everyone feels affirmed and has a say in the team effort.

To count on some of the most important attributes for a leader, you must have the ability to listen, be prepared, remain approachable and flexible, and thrive in solitary and group settings.

You need Diverse Leadership for Success

You need Diverse Leadership for Success

For running a business successfully you need diverse leadership styles to ward off stagnation. Considering the diverse tendencies of introverts, extroverts, and ambiverts, you can find ways to make the best of the strengths and reduce weaknesses that are often seen while collaboration.

Having a fusion of all three leadership traits you can strengthen your teams by understanding the personality traits and the benefits and demerits of those personalities.

Those leaders that sway away too far toward one extreme or the other without thinking with discretion how their personality type influences their work will have a tough time making a mark. Groups that achieve the greatest milestones are those in which power is balanced between the collaborators. Leaders who do not allow their team to sacrifice their creativity and motivation are the real winners. These people know how to motivate and engage their team members so that they can evolve with the best versions of themselves.

You are Capable of Leading

You are Capable of Leading

Irrespective of if you consider yourself to be an introvert, extrovert, or ambivert, you must understand that you are exactly as you should be. Do not ever try to conform to some other personality type as it is going to feel tiring and unreal. You can emulate the best aspects of other personalities, but without losing sight of yourself. You only need to know how to execute the strengths of all personality types on your team.