Why We All Seek Happiness in Life?

Why We All Seek Happiness in Life?


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There are two things people aspire finding in life: the ultimate life goal and happiness. After some unsuccessful attempts, many of us come to a conclusion that these two things go hand in hand. It sounds obvious, but somehow many people try not to make happiness their goal because it seems impossible for them to obtain.

Why is happiness Important in our Life?

Why happiness is important?

The concept of happiness has been studied and sought for ages. Just look at any piece of literature written since ancient times. Themes can vary greatly, but each character is eventually either happy or unhappy; there is a whole story of how they got to that state. Look at fairy tales we have heard from our childhood. There is definitely a ‘’happily-ever-after’’ and all the good guys get there, while all the bad ones are left unhappily behind. In modern culture, pursuing happiness is sometimes set back by post-modernist and naturalist tendencies. But still, the prevailing majority of books and movies touch upon this topic to a certain extent. And since a lot of people don’t feel happy throughout their life, the question of whether we should really struggle so hard for happiness appears.

What is Happiness?

Definition of Happiness

To answer this question, we should find out what happiness really is. A definition can be given to almost anything. However, happiness is one of those concepts the definition of which will be the most controversial. That’s why there have been so many attempts to define happiness. Aristotle’s ‘the chief good’ is a classic definition, but it doesn’t seem enough for us to say “Well, this is my destiny. I’m going to struggle for the chief good!” One of the deepest recent thoughts that appeared in the culture is that happy people see themselves just as they are. This really brings us closer to understanding the concept of happiness. And that is actually what Aristotle meant – to feel happy is to feel what you want to feel. So, one should be satisfied with their present life to be happy. And it also explains why happiness is different for everybody. As each, one of you would live under diverse circumstances! The best part is finding happiness in every situation you are in! This is what happiness is all about!

How can you Feel Happy?

How to Feel Happy?

Sometimes the idea that you need to be pleased with what you are or have makes a person go astray. The point is we are often not quite sure as to what we really want to be. Besides, we crave to have what we don’t have. Thus, those who have to work hard are often sure that only rich people can be happy. But the publicity of the today’s wealthy shows that sometimes they are not happy at all. Had it being true there wouldn’t have been suicides by rich people out of distress or depression. Those who have no education or try to get the best one believe that happiness is in knowledge. But it is not possible to know everything. People who feel unsuccessful thinks that happiness is in a brilliant career; and so on. A terrifying thing is that when we gain what we craved, we still feel unsatisfied and crave for more. Somebody can have many friends but have doubts about his friends’ sincerity. Another one may gain fame, but be pressed heavily by it, etc.

Spreading Happiness

How to spread Happiness?

Additionally, a person who wants to be happy starts feeling selfish at some point. It is natural for us to think our duty is to work hard for the sake of others. That is why we postpone becoming happy over and over again. But what an unhappy person can give to others? For example, is it necessary to work to provide support to your family? Yes, it definitely is. But what if your hard work makes you dissatisfied or even rude to your family? Or you have no time for them? So many people see such a situation as a pair of opposites: work long hours – spend time with those we love, work hard – be less stressed and more positive, etc. If a person chooses one of the options, he or she still feels unhappy. Mind that becoming happier is working for the others, because a happy person is more energetic than the one burdened with The Duty. The happier you are, the easier it is for you to give.

Making Happiness a Goal

Make happiness your life goal

If you want to be content with who you are, it’s absolutely necessary to prioritize yourself and your happiness among other things. Still, you should not choose one of them to dedicate your life to. You can have it all if you want to. Don’t try to be perfect in everything. This will not make you happy, but without a doubt will make you exhausted. Besides, don’t try to copy other people’s lives. If you don’t need something to be happy – from the small things, like driving or traveling, to the global ones, like having a career or/and family – allow yourself not to have it! Maybe, the time will come, and you will see The Happy You differently. But for now, be pleased with your life and grow in the spheres that really matter to you. Do what makes you happy as your happiness is important. If you are happy you can spread it all over.

In the Face of a Disaster

Choose happiness in the face of disaster

There is always a group of pessimists who are sure that they cannot be happy because the life is too imperfect. Some don’t really want to pursue happiness because they don’t want to lose it one day. Some even think there is no point in becoming happy because something terrible will inevitably happen. You need to understand that those who found their happiness keep dealing with unfortunate events in their life and ‘the world of imperfection’ easier than those who have felt unhappy for all their life. Stop fearing about unhappy days, stay charmed with the days that are important in your life and keep remembering those!

Trying to become happier gives you a whole range of opportunities for the self-growth. At this point, it is critical to separate self-growth from selfishness. You don’t just deserve to be happy; you need to be happy for the sake of yourself and the others. Think about it! Any further comments and queries on happiness are welcome!

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