Things to Avoid to be Happy in Life

Things to Avoid to be Happy in Life


Everyone wants to be happy and successful but a few attain it! Is there any secret formula that can make your life happier? Of course there is!

There are certain aspects and things in life that can extract the juice of your life, if you are not aware of these and do not avoid them! Have a look what are those things that can snatch away your dreams, hopes, enthusiasm and happiness from your life! Beware not to let them take an entry into your life!

Repentance is Killing


This is the greatest time consuming and worthless aspect of our lives. I am sure each one of your must have repented at some stage just to introspect and realize your faults and mistakes. There is no harm in remembering the past or introspecting but staying in that past for a long time and repenting on your deeds or bad luck is a sin. The more you do it, worse your life would turn out to be!

Don’t neglect your past, your mistakes but always to learn some lesson and making your life better, without living in those memories. Just remember everything that happens has some purpose, and your past is no exception. If you have gone through a rough patch of your life, you must have gained too from it in return. Realize that gain and move on with new energy and hope in life.

Worrying about Future

Worrying about Future

Yet another thing that often bothers us without any benefit. If worrying about future can make your future brighter and happier, nobody would be unhappy. Again planning for future is not bad, but worrying about it is! Just ensure you are putting your best efforts that can make your future fall in place and live in present. If your present is fruitful and delightful, it will make your future too happier and successful. Stop worrying about future, and act today to make your future brighter! This is the best way to keep yourself calm and cool even in your bad days and a rough patch of life.

Neglecting Yourself

Neglecting Yourself

It is you, who can do everything to make your life and your near and dear one’s life better. If you are not concerned about yourself, your soul and your happiness, how can you make others happy? Never neglect your happiness. Pamper yourself by hitting the gym, spa, theater, tracking, tour or anything that you like! This will help you feel fresher and happier, boosting your morale and enabling you to make your life better!

Over Possessiveness Kills Happiness

Over Possessiveness

Being possessive is a sign of humanity and a unique feeling that only human being is gifted with but being over possessive can often kill. Keep your emotions under check. Don’t be over impulsive about anything and anyone, be it your career, relation, accountability, or principles. Do what is for the betterment of most people not to a specific cult, community, or people. It will narrow down your perspective and make you mean. Be open-hearted and get out of your over impulsiveness. This is one of the greatest tips to happiness!

Doubting Your Abilities

Doubting your Ability

You are the best judge what you are capable of but do not overdo it or underestimate your abilities. If you’re aware what you’re capable of, never doubt it. Be within your limits but be confident and enthusiastic to do what you have chosen to do in your life without doubting your intention and ability.

Avoid Negativity

Negative People

There are people who are always pessimistic! Try to avoid such people. Their company may impact your thought process too. Such people are full of negativity and you can never get any inspiration from them. Be in the company of successful and cheerful people who are always full of life. This will make you feel happier and motivated, making your life energetic and enthusiastic.


Being lazy is being dead. If you are a lazy person and love to kill time in an unproductive task like sleeping, spending long hours before TV, chatting with friends or loitering on streets aimlessly – you can never be happy and successful.

A single second spent worthlessly can never be regained. You are unnecessarily wasting your precious time, which you can never get back. Once the time has slipped, it can never come back. Spend your time judiciously!

Do everything that motivates you, like listening to music, spending time on your hobby, chatting with friends, watching TV but keep track of the time you want to spend on these activities. Aimlessly do not waste time on anything. Plan out your time and follow the same. This is the ultimate way to make your life happier and successful.

These are the most prominent aspects that you should avoid if you really want to lead a healthy, happy and successful life!

Have a happy and healthy life.