Art of Giving – Key to Happiness

Art of Giving – Key to Happiness


Yes this is true! Giving is one of the most precious arts that make you a complete human being! This art is there within every human being, you just need to realize and utilize it. You will be surprised to know this is the best way to make your life happiness and blissful.

The more you give, the happier you would become! Practically it may be funny to accept – how giving can make you happy! But this is the truth!

For giving you don’t need to become a social worker or start an NGO. Anyone and everyone can give something to someone to make this world more beautiful and fill your life with happiness.

But this is the truth we often forget to try these tips in our lives and crave for happiness. What you can give and how it can help?

Smile Give Happiness

Give a Smile

The first and foremost is smile. This is free and effortless gift that can bring happiness in your face as well as face of others too. Keep a smiling face and let your surroundings illuminate with it. It is also a great therapy to treat various illnesses.

Spread smile and see how the stress goes off your face without any effort. People with smiling faces are liked and adored by one and all. I am sure, you wouldn’t mind getting some priceless praises and happiness!

Give your skill

Give your Skills

You can offer few hours of coaching to someone who are in need of it for free. Any skill you feel you are gifted with, like painting, gardening, writing, landscaping, plumbing or even cooking!

Give the unwanted things of your house to someone who is needy. Your waste could be someone’s treasure.

Give Blood

Give Blood

One of the most precious and great gift to mankind! It can save someone’s life without knowing about you.

Unknown donors are biggest saviors! You will feel happy for rest of your life. Donating blood is like gifting life.

Give a Recommendation

Sharing of your discovery can help someone else make a right decision in life. You can say ‘I found this restaurant, shop, blog, product, or anything else that you have discovered to be great – good. I want to share with you.’

This is also a way to helping others to impart knowledge and experience.

Give a Lift

You can encourage others with your kind and personalized handwritten notes. When you find anything good – like a news, art, book etc – pass this on to someone who might be interested in it, attaching a handwritten note ‘ thought you’d like’!

It can be spirit-lifting for someone and make someone’s day!

Give gratitude

Give your Gratitude

This is yet another great way to feel happy and make others happy! Express your gratitude and happiness to others. Hand out your handwritten card!

This will make someone feel proud, happy and special. Appreciate others with a visit, card, phone call or email. This is one way of sharing happiness.

Give Laughter

Laughter is the greatest healer that can ward off any stress and depression. It also brings happiness and health to others including you!

Laugh out your heart and spread the spirit of happiness by making the atmosphere lighter and brighter.

Give encouragement

Give Encouragement

You can provide encouragement to those who are filled with doubt and fear! If you are knowledgeable and experience in some field, encourage others with your real life experience and make them take the right decision.

They will be obliged to you all their lives!

Give Kindness

Act of kindness is never ending. Feeding hungry, making other laugh, offering chocolate to street kids, a joy ride to senior citizen, and a day out with unfortunate people are all acts of kindness.

It’s not only money or articles that you can donate and give. Your skill, talent, services, hugs, gratitude, laughter and act of kindness are also your precious giving to the society.

Give love

Give Love

Most people fail to give love to others. They are filled with frustration in their life. We often fail to express our gratitude and affection to others, whom we care most! Don’t be miser in expressing your love to others! This is the only gift that can make you a human being and separates you from other creatures.

Express frequently your love and affection to those who are precious and valuable in your life. This is equally important for those who lack love in their life!  You can express your kindness and affection to orphans, those who has no one to live for.

This will make you happier and develop a feeling of contentment!

Above said art of giving are some of the great happiness tips that can bring a great deal of satisfaction and joy in your life and also in the lives of those who are going to receive these gifts.

Happy living!!