Life is a journey and success is its destination. However, this journey has many twists and turns. There are times when the chips are down. There are times when you experience failures. There are times when you face moments of disappointment.

In this intricate journey, you need the company of people who can motivate you to carry against all the odds. Here I will tell you about the different types of people you should accompany on your life journey to help you reach your destination. Here they are:

1. A Mentor

A mentor is someone who has the life experiences to guide you in different matters of life. He is the person who has gone through ups and downs of life and he can teach you important lessons in life. Under his guidance, you can see the different shades of life that in turn can help you achieve your goals.

2. A True Friend

A friend is your source of solace. He is someone you can fall back on every time you need an emotional support. A best friend is someone with whom you can share the good and bad experiences. He is the person who will recommend you the right things in your time of need.

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3. A Veteran Coach

A coach is different from a mentor as he teaches you the exact skills and expertise to tackle the challenges of life. Like a good teacher, he educates you about life and teaches you the different skills you need to tackle the different matters of life. He is your guru who wants you to succeed in every test of life.

4. Your Loved Ones

Your loved ones are the people who are in your immediate family. Your parents, siblings, and everyone in your support system are the people you need in your life to sustain the bad experiences of life. They are the ones you want to share your joy and worries.

5. An Inspiring Role Model

A role model is a person you look up as someone you want to become in life. He is a guiding source in your life that you can turn for inspiration. He is the “go-to” person to seek advice whenever you get stuck in a dilemma. In a nutshell, a role model is a person who inspires you to become a good human being and a successful professional.

6. A Trustworthy Confidant

Your confidant is the person who keeps your secrets and never shares them with anyone. He is always available to lend you a shoulder to cry. A confidant can be a trustworthy friend, a teacher, or a coworker that you can trust and share everything about your life.

7. An Accommodating Coworker

We spend one-third of our life at work. That is too much of time to give to your career. So it is important that you have someone around you with whom you can share this time. A good colleague is your companion to while away during the work breaks. He is your company when you want to have some chit-chats and gossips.

8. A Critic

A critic can be anyone who differs from your opinions and has a say in your decision. He is a person who dares to challenge your point of views. He is your true loyalist and he openly speaks his mind even if it means offending you. Like a true friend, he never shies away from expressing his disapproval of your thoughts or actions. You need this person for a second opinion in order to validate your decisions.

9. A Positive Person

People like to associate with positive people who can inspire them in life. As a good human being, he motivates you during a crisis. He makes you happy with his good sense of humor in your moments of disappointment. Similarly, he does not hesitate to give you a hug whenever you are feeling down.

10. A Foreigner Friend

Yes, you read it right. You need a friend from a different country and culture to diversify your knowledge. He is the person who can introduce you to new belief systems, traditions, and set of values that can enrich you as a human being.

11. A Dreamer

A dreamer is someone who has a big ambition that they want to achieve. He is the person who is passionate about life and wants to make it big in his career. He can be a source of inspiration for you to become an achiever.

12. A Spiritual Guru

We all are humans and we need spiritual help to nourish our soul. As humans, we are vulnerable to emotional setbacks that can affect our soul. So we need the help of a spiritual guru to help us cope with our ailing soul. A spiritual guru is your source to cure the residual effects of life tragedies.

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