Narendra Damodardas Modi isn’t just a name or a person but instead a handbook that explains the lessons of personal development. Since May 26, 2014, from the day of his taking oath to be the 14th and current Prime Minister of India, he is been a living legend and inspiration to people across the world. Being aged 66, he is far active than a young man of 26. You have been talking, reading and hearing about him but have you ever wondered what qualities made him so successful and much talked-about personality. Here’s a list of top 12 Personality Development Skills that you should learn from our Honorable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi.

1. Lead a Disciplined Life:

Lead a disciplined life

Adopt to live a disciplined life forever. A well-planned routine and self-control over day-to-day activities, right eating habits, and body postures would help you have confident about whatever you do. From the time when Narendra Modi was a Bal Swayam Sevak in Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, which is recognized to impart discipline in all its members, he has followed a disciplined routine.

2. Be a Fitness Freak:

Be a Fitness Freak:

Your physique says a lot about you even before you speak. Narendra Modi is a big yoga devotee and performs yoga regularly. Irrespective of his daily busy routine he performs all the Yogasan in the morning and begins his day with the Surya Namaskar. Perhaps, this is the reason behind his being active at this age. Moreover, staying hale and hearty brings loads of positivity at every stage of your life. Therefore in order to develop an impressive personality, we should learn this skill from him. Who doesn’t want to be healthy and display an attractive personality?

3. Develop Leadership Skills:

Develop Leadership Skills

It is easy to be a follower but difficult to make people follow you. If you recall from one of his public speeches, he vowed to work one hour more than his subordinates, and he is religiously doing so. No incompetent leader would dare to say this publically but he is an efficient leader and leads by his words. Keep in mind, people will only follow you when you can prove yourself better than them. Learning this skill can be valuable for our personal and professional existence. After all, every management position’s first condition is leadership skills.

4. Be Modest to All:

Be Modest to All

होय  जाकी छांह ढिगफल रहीम अति दूर | बढ़िहू सो बिन काज कीतैसे तार खजूर ||This doha from Saint Rahim that describes another important skill of Narendra Modi. Though he holds the position of Prime Minister for world’s largest democratic country, he has never been ever rude to anyone or has misused his powers. He meets people with respect and proves to be a humble human being. This has been proved by the way he addresses the nation and replies all the questions. Being modest helps you win hearts.

5. Be Thoughtful and Open-Minded:

Be Thoughtful and Open-Minded

If you have listened to any of his “Mann Ki Baat” you must have perceived the words he uses. It specifies his thoughtfulness. It demonstrates his open-mindedness. Even according to a famous proverb, “You Are Who You Think You Are”. Being open minded also helps you accept things, changes, and surroundings easily and comfortably.

6. Be Passionate Towards your Mission:

Be Passionate Towards your Mission

Aged 64, the passion with which he lives his life is adorable. Be it playing drums on his visit to Japan or participating in “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan” or even replying to questions of various Indian students on Teacher’s Day, he has lived all these moments with utmost passion and liveliness. You should be passionate about what all you do. This will ultimate help you generate the best results. It will set you apart from others in every landscape.

7. Retain your Persistence:

Retain your Persistence:

From being a kid helping his father and brother in managing their tea stalls to being the Prime Minister of the country, he has been strong-minded and determined to make something great out of it. He joined RSS at an early age, depicting the strength of mind. Remember the personality you own is not by birth it is made and retained by working hard.

8. Learn the Art of Public Speaking:

Learn the Art of Public Speaking

Shun away the fear of stage and public speaking. Have faith on your words and speak with utmost confidence. Confidence comes with right knowledge. Earn knowledge from anywhere you get, this is the most powerful tool that can boost your confidence to speak before a crowd. When he begins his speech with “Mitron aur Bhaiyo-Bahno” people actually feel connected and start paying attention to his words. These words are not extraordinary but the way he says them makes the impact. That means there are a number of people having similar knowledge base but using it powerfully and effectively is the trait that can set you aside and help overcome the fear of public speaking.

But, wait you cannot be a successful public speaker if you don’t follow his top 7 skills mentioned above. With discipline in life, you can achieve the fitness to stand for long holding a mike and depicting the leadership skills with modesty in voice along with open mind thinking in a broad way. The passion and persistence will help you with sharing the thoughts and ideas.

9. Be a Voracious Reader:

Be a Voracious Reader

When you read a lot, you gain a lot of knowledge. Being a reader from childhood he was normally found in libraries; reading nearly 40-50 pages a day. Eventually, this made him a strong debater and amplified confidence. You can develop a habit of reading slowly by selecting inspirational books, articles, quotes and ideas given your area of interest. Trust me; reading is also a skill that has to be developed by time if you want to be a part of a group discussion or want to upgrade your communication skills.

10. Self-Introspect Frequently:

Self-Introspect Frequently

There is no way to measure your performance other than doing a self-appraisal. The way Modiji asks Indians to write him via e-mails or letters is how is appraises himself. If you want to get reviews from your friends, relatives, peer groups, they won’t say anything wrong about you and this would lead to a false appraisal. Therefore, the best way to analyze you is by self- introspection / self-appraisal. You can check your performance on all those targets, tasks and parameters that you have set to complete in a fixed timeline.

11. Keep Smiling:

Keep Smiling

Yes, a genuine smile frees you from stress and makes people happy also around you. It releases tension and makes you confident enough to begin the conversation. A smile has the power to attract people and it can demolish your opponents without actually defaming them.

12. Be a Great Time Manager:

Be a Great Time Manager

Narendra Modi is a great time manager. From waking up at 5 AM and sleeping at 12 AM he has a specified time for every daily activity. Before he goes to sleep; he analyses his activities of the day and concludes incomplete errands. Time is money! The more you respect it, more successful you’d become.

So, friends, you can learn the above Personal Development Skills from NaMo and can improve your personality, communication, and leadership skills. All these skills are interlinked. So, go ahead and try to improve your personality attributes by following all the above traits from our PM Narendra Modi and be successful and happy forever.

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16 thoughts on “12 Personal Development Skills to Learn from Narendra Modi

  1. I liked this post so much that i cant describe in words, these are some truths and dedications of his life most of the time people does not mention, most of the people are busy to analyze his political activities…this way or that way.

    1. Thankyou Jyotrimoy for appreciating Mr. Modi’s traits as a human being! He’s the one and the only politician who knows how to serve people and takes birth in ages.

  2. Hi! I do agree with this post, however, do you agree to his political mission as in Hindutva obligation… with lots of religious temples demolishing as such going around in the country. Do you agree, mam..

    1. Thanx Jensy the liking the post! I don’t completely agree with you! If you think it is due to the BJP leadership all these are happening it’s wrong!It was all there ever since but the media opened its eyes when BJP arrived as earlier they were happy when congress was doing all sort of misdeed promoting terrorism! If now we are trying to combat terrorism why such an uproar. We must understand being Indian we have right to retaliate and must not keep mum as congress has been doing for their political mileage!

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