The most common problem for beginners is the lack of inspiration. On one hand, they have enough motivation to work hard as they want to earn money, find new clients, and build a career of a freelance writer. On the other hand, they do not understand how to start writing, where to find ideas, and how to compose these ideas into a well-structured and coherent text.

There exist multiple blogs and websites that offer tips and hints for writers. However, most of them avoid the question of problems with inspiration. They tell you what you should do and what you should not, but they do not give you the understanding of how to stay inspired all the time. You can find some general recommendations on where to find some inspiring things, but it has nothing common with the writing inspiration. Besides, if you plan to turn writing into your career, you need to understand that you have to stay inspired all the time. The temporary measures will not have sufficient effect.

Are there any ways to make you stay inspired no matter what happens? There is no magical pill that will keep your inspiration at the sustainable level, but there are some helpful tips and tricks.

1. Be Inquisitive, ask Questions

Be Inquisitive, ask Questions

Questions are perhaps the most effective tool if you need to wake up your inspiration and never lose it. The more questions you ask, the more you know. Never hesitate to ask something, be curious, and raise your intelligence. Besides, questions allow you to be more specific on the subjects about which you write. Professional writers believe that a good question can always become the theme for a post.

2. Create Frameworks

Create Frameworks

Most people think that inspiration cannot be controlled. However, the psychologists admit that creating certain frameworks will make your brain return to certain states of mind involuntary. It means that you can stay inspired all the time if you teach your brain to react properly to certain stimulants.

3. Develop Habit to Stay Inspired

Develop Habit to Stay Inspired

Staying inspired may become your habit. You just need to understand how to introduce it to your life. Try not to think about losing inspiration during 21 days, and you will notice that now it is easier to stay inspired as you’ve just got used to that.

4. Write Until you can

Write Until you can

We lose inspiration when we stop our activity. If you want to become a writer, you need to sacrifice your time and write until the text is ready no matter what happens. Thus, you will preserve your inspiration and will be able to start a new project feeling satisfied with the result. If you make pauses and breaks frequently, you just lose your inspiration and attention and need more time to restore them before starting a new task.

5. Structure your Text

Structure your Text

Another trick is to create a good structure for your text. When you have a detailed plan, you cannot resist the temptation to write a post immediately. Besides, when you create a structure for the text, you develop your understanding of the end result. And clearly, determined result is the best motivator and inspirational tool.

6. Write Everyday

Write Everyday

You should write no matter what happens. You are mistaken if you think that a day off is a rest. It is a pause in your writing that disturbs your inspiration and interferes with your plans. Writing should become your everyday activity. Thus, you will stay creative and will master your ability to put words into effective sentences.

7. Do not be Afraid of Emotions

Do not be Afraid of Emotions

Perhaps, you have heard that you need to avoid emotions in your writing. In fact, emotions are what can bring your career to the new level. Emotions are always powerful, and they can inspire both you and your readers. Use them wisely and enjoy the effect.

8. Develop your Speaking Skills

Develop your Speaking Skills

You need to find inspiration in your own speeches. Listen to yourself: what intonations you choose, how you build sentences, what words you prefer. The way you speak can influence the way you write. And the better you are with your speech, the more interesting ideas for your writing style you can find.

9. Listen to other People

Listen to other People

A good writer is the one who listens to other people and hears what they talk about. Even if you have no idea what to write, you can just listen to your colleagues or random people on the street and notice some interesting ideas or phrases that will enhance your writing. Be a careful listener as the live communication can become your source of inspiration for many years.

10. Create Stories

Create Stories

Storytelling is one of the most powerful marketing tools. If you know how to tell stories, you can change your life and build a career. This is a real art, and every writer should understand how it works. Learn how to build characters, how to write plots, and how to compel words into dialogues. Also, you need to understand how to find insights that will affect the emotions of your readers.

11. Solve Problems

Solve Problems

A writer always knows how to solve different problems. At least, they can do a research and present the results in such a way that people will think they are a real problem solver. If you do not know how to start an article and what ideas to use for writing, solve problems.

12. Enjoy what you do

Enjoy what you do

If you do not love writing, nothing will inspire you. A person who loves to write always has something that makes them stay inspired and motivated. Writing itself becomes an inspiration. You just sit at the table, turn on your laptop, and write.

Being a writer may be challenging for beginners. But if you find proper patterns for your own writing, you will see that you enjoy the process and do not even think about money. You start to write because you love it. And how it often happens, you start to get unexpected benefits as people notice that your every post is written with passion and you really can capture their attention with the help of printed letters. Good luck!

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  1. If you want to become a writer, you need to sacrifice your time and write until the text is ready no matter what happens. – I definitely agree with this!
    Thanks, this is really inspiring and motivating!

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