Majority of people don’t like their job due to several reasons. I am sure you too would have had this experience at some point of time in your career. As per studies, only 1 person out of 5 enjoys his job and profile. And many are not ready to discuss this topic even.

It is actually very ironical and unfortunate as we all spend the most time working than spending anywhere else other than sleeping. You would have found and read several how to enjoy your career articles by focusing on various things or changing the stream and job. But if you are not happy in one job there is no guarantee you will happy and stay in another job!

Often you might get stuck in a situation where you cannot leave your job for some reason or don’t want to change. It could be due to a good salary, short distance, added perks etc. Maybe you have spent years building skills and gained experience in this field and if you change the steam you have to start from scratch.

You may feel things will remain as it is. But there are many ways that actually can change the map of your career and you’ll start enjoying your job more:

1. Do Something Different and Focus on Positive Side of Career

Do Something Different and Focus on Positive Side of Career

Focusing on positivity is the most vital aspect that can keep you relaxed and at ease. Being stressed out cannot do any good. You can initiate some new trends in the office for which you don’t have to take permission, like sending out a greeting or inspirational quotes to everyone in the morning. It will not only help you but others also. It will keep both – you and others – happy and motivated all day. I have already tried this and could find some solace in one of my workplaces which was not actually the best place I worked. Each one of your colleagues wait for your arrival and the inspirational quote every day. Try it out! Each one knows which day you did not come. It works as an attendance register at least for you.

2. Don’t Argue with Boss

Don’t argue with Boss

We all know Boss is Always right. Often they may not, but you’re not the one to judge him. If you don’t agree with him better put your concern gently before him with a conclusion “Rest is your choice… you’re more aware of this”. Staying polite at least in the workplace is extremely important. Never burn the bridge. You never know when you have to seek help from the same person in future. Be cordial and gentle.

3. Share your Ideas

Share your Ideas

Sharing ideas always pays especially at the workplace. Don’t hesitate to share your ideas with your boss. Know the right time. Understanding the right time and place is important to speak and break a news. Try putting on the shoes of your boss and streamline the strategy for the betterment of the company. If you have any better idea never hesitate to share with the boss when it comes to the growth of the organization. Just don’t think like a worker but as the owner too. You will never be in trouble. Today when I started my own venture, I realized how tough it is to sustain in the market? What efforts, funds, and resources are required to grow and nourish a business? So, friends when you think like an employer you will feel fortunate you are an employee.

4. Be Friendly to All and Create a Personalized Workplace

Be Friendly to All and Create an Office Nest

When you have to work more than 8 hours in one place it becomes your home. Decorate it with some articles as per company policies and keep it cosy and welcoming for everyone. People would love to come to you and interact with you. Be friendly with all. Never harbor grudges for anyone, even if someone has different option and notion about you. Never forget to greet everyone, share your belongings and ideas. You may often get hurt, just smile it off. You have to be little less sensitive and thick-skinned to be happy.

5. Feel Lucky and Concentrate what you like

Feel Lucky and Concentrate what you like

I am sure there would be something about your work that you like doing. Focusing on that work and polishing your skill on that part can help you stay happy and focused. Suppose organizing events keeps you happy. You can ask to take the responsibility of organizing an event in future. It will not only keep you happy but your senior will also try to entrust this liability to you. They will also try to delegate most often this task to you and who knows you can grow in this segment in future. Try to find out your taste of work and put efforts to convince other to switch your profile.

6. Talk with Yourself Often (Self-introspection)

Talk with Yourself Often (Self-introspection)

It works when you are stuck. When you are at the dead end then talking with yourself only can solve your concerns. Just ask “Is it really this hard to stay in this job?” “What is wrong with this job? Can’t I resolve issues and proceed?” You will find your answers from yourself. This would be the purest and most genuine answer that will come from your consciousness. So, try out this trick of talking with yourself and follow the answer you get. That will be the best answer for you and your career.

7. Reward yourself for Small Achievements

Reward your Small Achievements

Sometimes small treat after office hours is refreshing. Never skip enjoying gatherings if it is in your office and if not find out occasions like your small achievements – closing a sale successfully – and reward yourself. It could be a dinner with your family, a movie for a break or even a good pedicure or a spa. You may also upload it on your social circle for comments. It will give you a royal and inspiring feeling.

8. Keep Yourself Updated

Keep Yourself Updated

Know what is happening in your niche. Keep abreast with the latest updates. In this ever-evolving technology market, every day is new and unique. Keeping updated with the latest change and sharing it with your peers and boss will actually make your workplace little motivated and better. It will not only help in your future growth, it will also add value to your organization. People like the company of those people who is updated and has some new topics to talk about. So be smart and well informed.

9. Dress Well and Look Professional

Dress and Look Professional

Your personality matters a lot in today’s workplace. Know what suits you. Invest on right pair of dress, shoes and accessories. Don’t overdo it. You aren’t going for a ramp walk. Have right dressing sense. It will solve many of your issues. There are many online coaching institutes that are surviving on how to develop your personality. It’s a million dollar market. So avoiding this is like showing back to your future in career. If you doubt about your dressing sense or soft skill abilities, join an online coaching class. It is worth investing.

10. Stay Healthy and Motivated

Stay Healthy and Motivated

Health is the most precious treasure you must bother about! It’s only your health that will remain with you. No fortune, person, relation, resources and even your own family will remain unbiased all your life but your health. If you take care of it, you can reap benefits for long! So drink lots of water and eat healthy to stay fit and vibrant. It will always work even if all other tips might fail. So, friends do not neglect your health. If you are energetic and healthy you can win the world not without it.

It’s time to introspect and find out the right way of carrying yourself, in your personal and professional lives to stay happy and energetic. Everyone has issues in their lives, I too have. But it should not stop you from dreaming high. If you introspect, you’ll find solutions too. Remember, you cannot keep everyone happy! Better streamline your priorities and work on those priorities. You have miles to go!

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