Concentration is all about focusing on one thing at a time without getting distracted. Definitely, it’s not easy as we are living in a fast-changing world with loads of tasks to perform within a stipulated time.

Do you know if you aren’t worn out, you could complete the same task in much lesser time – even half of the time than usual? So to excel in your studies and career do not slog and work long hours but enhance your concentration and complete your work in short time in small chunks. Working hard doesn’t mean working long hours. After all, it’s the productivity that matters not hours.

In this world, each one of us focuses on being successful in career and life. But in this race, we leave something behind that can help us achieve our goals. It’s the power of the brain. If you could focus on enhancing the power of your brain, it could do miracles. If you can concentrate and boost your memory, things become easier. Here are a few tested ways to improve your concentration.

1. Meditate Regularly

Meditate Regularly

Make meditation your everyday routine. It is a great concentration booster. Initially it may take a long time to concentrate, but afterward, it becomes easy to meditate and focus. Meditation improves your mental strength, concentration, self-control, memory, and rhythms your body with the universe. You will remain fearless, calm and energetic. Try Sudarshan Kriya and Padmasan also. It is a great concentration booster when you focus on your breath for sometimes. I found it most effective to stay calm and energetic.

2. Speak Less

Speak Less

Speaking less helps save your energy for other productive tasks. It’s not about not speaking at all. Identify when and how much speech is required. Talking unnecessarily is a waste of energy and time. There are several things that can be done with non-verbal communication. Losing composure is easy maintaining is tough. You can achieve this by practicing meditation and some other tips. Staying calm is the key to better memory and concentration.

3. Avoid Distractions

Avoid Distractions

Noise, loud music, internet and other sources of distraction are the concentration killers. If you want to improve your memory and concentration, learn to limit these distractions. When you are in the middle of a serious project or study keep your mobile off, stop browsing the internet, keep your headset away and find a lonely place. This is the best way you can concentrate.

4. Take a Break

Take a Break

You might have heard and read long hours of hard work – 10-15 hours – is essential to be successful. Great people worked really hard to achieve where they reached. But is it the right way to reach your goal? I personally do not believe in this concept. I personally have experienced that long work hours actually pushes you toward bad health and mental stress which is not the best way to succeed. Take small breaks. Mini breaks from work can refresh your mind and help flow creative juices for next episode of the task in hand. It has already been researched and proven that a healthy mind cannot concentrate more than 40 minutes. Your every chunk of work must not stretch beyond 40 minutes. Set alarm every 40 minutes of work to yield best results. Take a deep breath after 40 minutes of work and relax for few minutes to gear up for next round of work. It’ll surely deliver better results.

5. One Task a Time

Do One Task a Time

Multitasking is a big no for concentration! It can never yield best results. Although often it gets mandatory to multitask but great result is rare. Multitasking diverts your mind in various steams, and concentration is all about focusing on one thing. When trying to get a lot of work at a time you cannot concentrate on any one task. So be creative and do one thing at a time for best results.

6. Identify your Interest Areas

Identify your Interest Areas

Just make sure the subject you’re working in is of your interest. If not, you need to rethink and re-select your work area considering your interest. If you are ought to do work you’re not interested in, better to develop some interest by relating it to your life and other aspects. Try to do your job in a creative way using interesting examples. It will add spice and trigger interest to your work which in turn will develop focus.

7. Practice, Repeat, Practice

Practice, Repeat, Practice

This is the core to concentration and memory improvement. Revise your chapter/work every short interval of time till you memorize or understand it without any support. It may take few days to practice and make it routine. When you learn a new topic, revise the earlier one. Just a simple revision and practice will keep your memory sharp and concentration sharper. More you practice, better you memorize.

8. Eat Right

Eat Right

Do you know eating habits also influence your memory power? Almond, omega 3 fatty acids, green leafy vegetables, fruits, dry fruits, blueberry, and walnuts can reverse the aging of your brain cells.  So, don’t forget to add it all to your diet plan and eat small at some intervals to stay alert and healthy. Eating a full meal every time will make you sluggish and lazy. Having a healthy brain is the best way to focus and improve your memory.

9. Get Sufficient Sleep

Get Sufficient Sleep

Impose a bedtime to yourself. Stick to it! Having a good sleep keeps you healthy and active. It will also help concentrate better sharpening your memory. The right sleeping habits and timing also add to your overall quality of day and everything that you do. Having irregular bedtime and active nightlife will never pay you great dividends in the long run.

10. Read Backwards

Read Backwards

This is yet another tested technique to stay focused. Try to read backward or spell words backward. It requires concentration and practice. This is what concentration is all about – to focus on any point and keep practicing. This is a smart way to practice and improve your concentration.

Finally, be happy and stay positive. This matters in life. If you can regain your energy and strike back with all might after losing everything in life, you can do anything. Develop this dedication and principle in life. You will never have to look back. You will find your own ways to focus and concentrate when you know where you have to go.  Have faith in God and yourself! If you need some special skill and training to build your career in a specific field, options are many. You need to identify and capture it!

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