Great to know you have written a brilliant book! Congratulations! If you think you are done with your side of endeavor, well you’re slightly mistaken. Satisfaction for you as a writer is your audience and if you are unable to reach them, your efforts are worthless.

Never mind. Here are some top tips to market your book and reach out your audience brilliantly.

1. Create A Market For Your Audience

Create A Market For Your Audience

So how do you create a market for your audience? You have to go near them, listen to them and grow with them.

First of all, broaden your perspective.

Look for a wider spectrum of readers than just restricted to age, caste, and gender. Look for supporters and reviewers who will back you on the onset of your book.

A reader will reach out to you if you create an image of an author and market yourself.

Today, thanks to the technology that is helping you reaching out to your audience easily. Join threads that involve writers, authors, and readers. Give your comments, likes, and suggestions, if need be.

Share/collect email addresses to get a permanent list of audience. You may mail them about your recent editions. Add your credentials, your website, and your blog name in the signature line. This will keep a constant reminder in their sub-conscious mind too.

Besides this Instagram, Facebook page, LinkedIn are some social media sites you must get yourself popular in. Keep posting about your book, you could post a photo of a page of your book where there is suspense or adventure and the audience would like to know more about it. This will help your audience to know your creativity and the line of subject. Here you are building up a target audience for whom your book is the right choice.

2. Corner The Local Market

Corner The Local Market

At the launch of your book, you must have an audience who dwell with you and already in the fan-club. At the book launching, you must have friends, supporters, organizations supporting you. Make your local friends, relatives, acquaintances aware of your writing engagement.

Visit nearby schools and colleges, local clubs, libraries and keep reading sessions at the local library or your topic related functions. Word-to-word publicity creates a whole lot of potential audience.

3. Take The Plunge Of Your Book’s Review From Learned And Established

Get your Book’s Review From Learned And Established

You are lucky if you get your book reviews. Hesitation in getting a review may play as a drawback. Get your book reviewed by vivid readers, columnist, authors, writers to market your book properly. What happens is when people read your book reviews from notable personalities, they ought to attract towards your book. This gives your book the much-needed shelf life. Besides this, now it is easy to get that favorite book from anywhere, marketing your book on online sites is also a great idea. You can also put your book reviews to such sites to get the attention of your audience. This will give you the confidence and the gusto to do better.

4. Share Your Experiences

Share your experiences

You may be an introvert and perhaps may not be easy for you to open the doors wide open. But let’s be honest!! People love those writers whom they know and want to know more. Withal, your new book is a few days away from launching, start sharing your experiences about writing, your inspiration, your hard work, your life. The media of sharing could be anything, the mightier social media, Twitter account, where you could speak your mind out. Go ahead with as many interviews as you can. Be candid. Hold on, you must be thinking “Is the audience interested in me or my book?” Well, the human psychology says, however, we may say do not judge the book by its cover, the truth is the other way round. Unless audiences do not find you inviting, they may not take that extra effort of taking a chance to review it. Therefore, take time out from your busy schedule; get yourself on the media, radio, television, newspaper, magazines. You could also read short excerpts from your book and share your chain of thoughts around that particular paragraph or prose.

5. Go The Extra Mile And Stop Depending Upon Publishers

Stop Depending Upon Publishers

Gone are the days when publishers had the entire responsibility of marketing the book. The current state of art says you got to take that extra mile for yourself to market your book. All that a publisher could do for you is get it reviewed and sell it on the bookshelf. To get the right turnout, you must make yourself feasible. You must take time out for yourself. Take a small vacation, post it on social media or dine it with a fan and post how elated you felt. You may also present your book (depending upon the content) for a good cause. Start giveaways on competitions or in charity shows where the proceedings from your book sale shall go to charity, another way of marketing. Initially, the market could run slow, but on the onset of the popularity and reviews, the demand gradually grows.

6. Hanging Out With Authors Or Your Genre Writers

Hanging Out With Authors Or Your Genre Writers

The idea is to get along with the people of your genre. Go for seminars calling authors or writers, attend discussions or seminars related to your book topic. Collaborate with authors, publishers, columnists, and writers at tea or coffee meet-ups. This will bring a sense of belonging. Each one will share their way of expressing things and you get to learn a lot thereof. You will understand how they cope up with their marketing skills; you may get few contacts and tips to deal with too.

7. Use A Conveyor Spiel To Talk About Your Book

Use A Conveyor Spiel To Talk About Your Book

A sentence or a two about your book’s highlight will do it all. Whenever you get a chance to talk about your book, say for instance in a party, get together, book openings, library, talks shows, or on social media, summarize your book in a way that it intrigues your readers to get the copy of your book. Try avoiding typical lines, such as, “great story line” or, “book for a generation of today”. Instead, come up with some unique and special points about your book.

8. Approach The Traditional Way

Approach The Traditional Way

Earlier, when social media, was not in vogue, libraries served the purpose. Librarians who hold a degree from library schools are schooled in the field of books. You can present your book for them to read. If they like it, you have truly nailed it. Most of the publishing house, small presses, bookstores, rely on the taste of the library. Try visiting your local library and then slowly reaching its branches. Organize signings, readings, and discussions so as to reach to your audience. Once the audiences like you, there is no looking behind.

9. Get Your Book Into Events And Contests

Get Your Book Into Events And Contests

There are many events and contests held for writers and their books. You must look around for such events. Winning the contest or even participating will give you a platform to advertise thereof bringing an audience for you. It will take your book to a new level of audiences and platform offering you more exposure and give a new identity to the awareness and recognition to your book.

10. Be Optimistic

Be Optimistic

There could be times when things may not fall your way. However, it is important you remain positive throughout. Be prepared for worse and hope for the best. Being optimistic plays an important role. If you believe in yourself, it will be noticed.

Relax and go ahead with the tips and you ought to find your right marketing tactics. Soon you will realize things are falling place. Nothing can stop the writer in you and if it is a remarkable book, your readers would recommend your books to their friends. It’s all about writing a great book having something offbeat and the right marketing approach. Once you create a network of connections and audiences you can sell much more using the same network!

Finally, I would only say never lose heart! The more you fail, the better you learn. Failing is never fatal, learning is never final. All the best!

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  1. Great advice! I find libraries are hard to get into, although we do have a couple that will support local authors, since they depend on their public and private funding. The best part …. STAY POSITIVE!

    Linda B

  2. Thank you so much! You have helped me a lot! Thanks once more.By the way can you place the advertisement of my book at your website?
    Kajari guha

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