This is our last post to the sequel of Nehru’s mistakes that majority of people are not aware of! The story goes on but the most devastating mistakes that brought embarrassment not only to the Congress and Nehru dynasty but to the entire country and Indians have been figured out in this series.

7. Snooped on Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose for 20 years

Snooped on Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose for 20 years

It has been disclosed by the two declassified files of Intelligence Bureau that the Nehru Government spied on the family of Subhas Chandra Bose for at least 20 years.  The family members of the Bose have been shadowed on their foreign and even domestic travels. During Nehru governance, he also conducted surveillance on the nephew siblings Amiya Nath Bose and Sisir Kumar Bose. The private letter of the Bose family has been opened, read and copied, which is actually a great disrespect to the privacy of any individual who fought years for the freedom of India. It was not known to the family members of Subhas Chandra Bose. It came as a shock to them. The matter of fact is who are kept under surveillance? Terrorists, spies or someone whose activities are anti-social that may detrimental to the overall wellbeing of the people at large or the society. Do you think Bose fell under these categories? Then what was the reason? In fact, Nehru was apprehensive of return of Bose as he knew once Subash Chandra Bose is back he will be gone for a toss. Bose was the only strong and popular leader who could mobilize opposition unity against the Congress and could be the most deserving contestant in the 1957 elections. This was the reason for Nehru’s unrest and putting the family of Bose on surveillance to track the activities of Bose and his family and make a plan accordingly to retain and keep enjoying the Prime Minister-ship and power of being the ruling party.

8. His Idea of Secularism

His Idea of Secularism

As is said, Nehru was a great supporter of secularism, today being Hindu has become a curse because as Hindus are in majority, thank god, till now. Following his secularist perspective, he always looked after minorities. Nobody can touch a Muslim or any minority caste people just because they are in minority. Is this the dream of secularism he had dreamt? Today singing Vande Mataram has become communalism and speaking English has become secularism. Nehru was so secular that he forgets everything about India.

He never supported and initiated any rehabilitation driver for any Kashmiri Hindu who fled from Kashmir due to atrocities against them, he always supported Muslims in the name of secularism and turned a blind eye to Hindus. This resulted in the killing of millions of Hindus and many were forcefully converted to Islam. Today standing for our national anthem has become a matter of choice with a plea that patriotism cannot be forced. If he was secular why he only thought about minorities and not majorities? Have you ever thought of the day when these minorities would become majorities? All minorities are standing up today with reservation in all sectors. What if more than half of the employment will be reserved for the minorities where the Hindus will go? It is all in the name of secularism. Better we would have been living in a Hindu country instead of a secular one! Don’t you think so?

9. Conferred Upon himself Bharat Ratna

Conferred Upon himself Bharat Ratna

Nehru was so self-centered and self-appraised that he decided to be the deserving candidate for Bharat Ratna. Name of nominees is being sent by the Prime Minister to the President and surprisingly during Nehru’s tenure, he had been nominated for Bharat Ratna which is obvious that he has recommended himself as the nominee. Have you ever heard of such incident in the history of any country? Nehru was indeed highly acclaimed for being the right decision maker that he himself deserves this highest award.

10. No Uniform Civil Code

No Uniform Civil Code

The Hindu Code that Nehru and Ambedkar implemented became an exemplification for everyone to create their own code. This is the major cause why we are fighting today on multiple issues without any uniformity and equal civil code that can be followed and implemented by every community, caste, and creed. Muslims have different code and Hindus have their own.

Despite Nehru’s love for great principles, he was incapable to take decisions in time. His inability to work with great leaders like Patel and Bose, and his friendship with people like Abdullah and Mountbatten, who had their own vested interests, camouflaged his discretion that resulted in the today’s India. We’re still paying for the blunders our Chacha Nehru has gifted decades back and will keep paying for many more years to come. Do you think it all should change and Mr. Modi is fighting for the right cause? Share your views here!

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