There are many mistakes that Nehru made during his tenure as the first Prime Minister of India. He has been one of the biggest dictators in India history, ironically, people don’t bother to realize this. Even today, many Indians elect the Gandhi family over and over again.

No wonder Gandhi dynasty would overtake Mughal dynasty if we Indians would not understand their culture, roots, and objectives. Whenever Modi government take any initiative for the betterment of India and Indians, it faces criticism from every opposition party, and Congress heads this stern and baseless criticism.

Nehru himself once stated: “By education, I am an Englishman, by views an internationalist, by culture a Muslim, and a Hindu only by accident of birth.” This was the real character of our first PM who ruled India for 17 years. In fact, he acted also the way he described his attributes. He also said in an interview to a foreign magazine: “I will be the last Englishman to rule India.”

So, friends, it’s high time to understand the roots and perceptions of Congress and the Nehru dynasty or else you will not get any second chance as there is no alternative to Mr. Modi.

Some other mistakes that Nehru did during his tenure that India and Indians are still paying for include:

3. Refusing Permanent Seat on the UNSC in the 1950s

Refusing Permanent Seat on the UNSC in the 1950s

It is an open fact that Nehru declined a US wanted India to take the permanent seat on the UNSC in 1953 but Nehru out of his friendly gesture and faith on China declined the offer and instead suggested that this honor be given to China. Today the situation could be altogether different had Nehru accepted that proposal. India would have gotten VETO power 59 years back which would have solved many issues and would have made India a more powerful country and have helped us in many ways.

4. Nehru A Playboy

Nehru A Playboy

Although it is vehemently denied by Nehru family, there are various instances and posts that called Nehru a playboy. There are many other stories keep running online but it is a fact that Nehru had multiple affairs with various women, especially with Lady Mountbatten Edwina, wife of Lord Mountbatten – the last Viceroy of India. He was also fond of smoking and drinking wine! It has also been divulged often that Nehru did not die of a heart attack but he died due to sexually transmitted disease.  This was the real character of Nehru – who spearheaded the Nehru dynasty. Had he devoted more effort, passion and time for heading the India to a better country and way of progression, things would have changed.

5. Bouquet of Gifts he Offered and Refused

Bouquet of Gifts he Offered and Refused

I am sure, many of you do not know that North West Frontier Province (NWFP) express its wish to join India and not Pakistan, but Nehru refused. Gwadar port was gifted to India by Sultan of Oman, but Nehru refused. Bahawalpur, an independent Princely state till 1955, wanted to be a part of India, but Nehru refused and finally, it joined Pakistan.

Do you know Nehru gifted coco islands in Andamans to Burma by Nehru and now it has become a military installation of the China. Nehru, being a soft-hearted, in 1952 gifted the Kabaw valley (part of Manipur) to Burma, which is now developed into a full-fledged site of a huge terrorist training camp operated by the terrorists based in Myanmar.

Nehru never wanted to bring Goa to Indian province and free it from the Portuguese in 1947. After a lot of RSS pressure, did it in 1961. Probably he wanted India to be broken completely gifting our lands to others and refusing others’ precious gifts in the form of land to manifest his wholeheartedness. The trail of gifts hasn’t stopped here. He gifted 82% of Indus rivers waters to Pakistan, via the World Bank mediated Indus Waters Treaty.

He was the reincarnation of “Karna” and the stupidest figure of Indian history. Still, India is facing the aftermath of all his blunders and Modi is being held for not working up to the expectations of Indian people. How could he clean up the entire disastrous decisions and mess taken and created a decade back by our dear Pundit Nehru? It will take time.

6. Established a Dynasty to Rule India for Ages

Established a Dynasty to Rule India for Ages

His son-in-law Firoz Gandhi was against Nehru and they have many differences but still, Nehru ensures that his dynasty is carried on by promoting and educating his daughter Indira Gandhi as the next ruler of India. Firoz Gandhi was against politics and wanted Indira Gandhi to stay away from politics but Nehru groomed her to take his position after him.

These are just some of the truths and mistakes of Nehru. We will come up with some more in our last and Part-III soon.

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