Are you not receiving the attention you wish to get? Do you want to be more admired by everyone? Not sure how to get it? It is just a matter of developing your personality and receiving all the attention of everyone you come in contact with.

What is Personality?

What is Personality

It may appear to you that it is an attribute some people are born with. Of course, some people are born with a great personality but everyone can develop this charisma. There are a certain set of traits and that you can practice and use it to your own behavior which can make you more magnetic, approachable and influential.

Let’s see what that method or pattern of behaving, doing work, and thinking which can make you special. Yes, it is possible. Do you know approximately 85% of your work result depends upon your personality? It’s your personality that attracts people and it is my personal experience also. Personality doesn’t mean how you look; it means how stylish, influential and cool you are when you interact with others. Here are few steps following which you can improve your personality.

Be Present

1. Be Present

Being present is the most important trait of your personality. Presence is all about getting engaged with who you are. Be a good listener. It is all about having patience and listening to others without getting bored and displaying so. It is very important that you should have a constant eye contact with the person you are listening to. Take part in the conversation in addition to listening to it. Ask few related questions related to topic who you’re talking with. Listen more and offer suggestions only if when asked by the person.  Listen to the person without showing any sign of boredom on your face and displaying a deep keenness to listen.

Read a Lot

2. Read a Lot

Reading voraciously expands your knowledge and helps you participate more actively in the topics with solid update and data. It will also increase the trust of people in your knowledge. They will approach you more often when needed and you get into demand easily which is also a way of being admired and liable.

Develop Positivity in Attitude and Charm in Nature

3. Develop Positivity in Attitude and Charm in Nature

Everyone wants to avoid those people who complain all the time and cry over issues. We all face problems in our lives, but keeping your problems with you and meeting people with smiling face, will not only help people like you more but it will also help you deal with your problems well. It is a tested method, give it a try and watch it working in your as well as in the favor of others too.

Be Humorous

4. Be Humorous

It is difficult to be childish throughout the life but this is what can make you a real hero and likable by everyone. Everyone love fun loving people. Everyone wants some moments of fun and entertainment in this fast and competitive lifestyle. It reduces the stress that is the core to a lot of disorders. Make people laugh at your jokes and conversations, never talk about your problems, as everyone has their own share of problems. Just try this out once and you will be amazed at the results. You will find it will simplify and bring ease and calmness to your own life too.

Respect Others

5. Respect Others

Treat people with respect. Never think twice before admiring people’s qualities and always be helpful to them. That is one of the most vital attributes that can improve your personality in the eyes of others. This will earn you a respectful space in others hearts. When you give respect you will get it back from others.

Master Social Skills

6. Master Social Skills

Having great social skills is also a critical aspect adding to your personality. Don’t shy away from interacting with people, visiting them and letting them know how badly you miss them. All these qualities increase your demand in others’ lives making you more approachable and admirable. In today’s social structure, people admire those who are helpful, charming, fun loving and easily approachable in the time of need.

Discover and Accept your Weaknesses

7. Discover and Accept your Weaknesses

Don’t be in a denial mode when it comes to accepting your weaknesses because you cannot develop your strengths when you do not know about your weaknesses. First, find out your weaknesses and then work on them to improve them. This aspect of your personality will keep you down to earth and simple in the eyes of others.

Develop an Opinion

8. Develop an Opinion

People without any opinion of his own is not actually approached and relied on by anyone. You cannot give any final opinion on any topic if you yourself don’t have any opinion. Having a unique and uncommon point of view on any topic will make you stand out of the crowd. An offbeat outlook expands everyone’s perspective about a certain aspect.

Expand Yourself

9. Expand Yourself

You need to be more intriguing and reliable by expanding your own universe. Do what you like and develop hobbies that give you pleasure and happiness. You may take up a language class, join driving school or start a cooking class. You may also design your house interior or can start a babysitting. Whatever attracts you, pursue it without giving any excuses – after all, you have only one life to live and if you are not happy how you would make others happy?

Have a Life Goal

10. Have a Life Goal

Every strong personality and figure is shaped by great visions and goals for their lives. Find out what you want from your life and how you want to achieve it. It could be anything – setting up a charitable body, getting into painting or singing or anything that you may wish to achieve in your life. Setting goals for your life are very important as it decides your way of life and also shapes up your personality.

Personal development is a never ending process. The more you add to it better it would be. Practice is the most vital part when it comes to improving any trait or habit.  It’s not easy to shed your original you and become a likable person but constant practice and a deep desire to improve your personality will surely make it possible. So, make the most of it and become admirable by all.

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19 thoughts on “10 Killer Personality Development Tips

  1. hello.. well writte post. first impression is the last impression.. in every field personality is the first thing and qualification is second. great tips.. thanks for sharing.

  2. Hello.. well-written post. the first impression is the last impression.. in every field personality is the first thing and qualification is second. great tips.. thanks for sharing.

  3. I should say you have done a lot of research to write this blog. Nicely composed and step to step guide will assist many people to get out of their mind barriers.I feel getting out of your comfort zone and doing something extra what makes you different from others. Thank you for such a beautiful post.

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