Do you know what makes a country great? Is it resources, progress, people, population, government, policies, heritage or history or geographical positioning? Many of you would say – maybe!

Of course, all these factors work for a country towards making it a great nation, but the real game changer is the leader of the country – the governance of the country. How strong the government is, how honest the governing bodies are, what motivates them, what is their approach for their nation and where they want to lead the country – all these aspects are the most critical factors contributing to the overall growth and wellbeing of any nation!

When we talk about India, being Indian, what you think about our nation? It is a peaceful, secular, democratic nation with diversity! I am sure you all agree to this! But actually, things are not that simple! In the name of democracy, anyone can raise slogans against India; anyone can diminish the national integrity by slaughtering someone of any community. Political parties supporting that community are holding the government responsible for this slaughter! Is this our India? Shall we bear any atrocity in the name of secularism being a peace-loving Indian? Of course not! We must understand how to protect our culture, people, heritage, and how to fight back!

This is what Modi Government is doing since it came into power. This government is fighting against all distorted social and political system, the perverted thought process of some communities and eliminating every atrocity that comes their way leading towards a better India. The irony is not a single political party support it’s any of the initiative, not even Swachh Bharat Drive! You know why? They all are terrorized by the initiatives, approach, and governance of this government! They all are afraid they will be out of the map in coming years. They all have ganged up against Modi Government to derail it at any cost. It’s time now to understand the reason why all political parties are grouping against Modi Government! Because he is not just running a country but he is becoming a world leader! Why couldn’t they become? It requires leadership qualities, right approach, and a clean Indian Heart to lead at the global platform which all the past leaders were devoid of.

Let’s understand how our current Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi reached the international podium and became the most admired Indian Leader?

When in 2014, Modi Government stormed into power winning Lok Sabha election with a great mandate, he had already cleared his vision of progress by sending a strong message that “we are here to serve the people not to enjoy any power of positions”. Even in his own party from bureaucrats to MPs, everyone started following the rules defined for them how to deliver responsibilities on time working extra hours. Be it initiating welfare scheme, consolidating foreign policy, influencing neighboring nations or convincing global leaders for mutual progress, Modi Government has been striving really hard for the betterment of Indian and making India a global partner in the progress of the international community.

Here are 10 major things Modi government has achieved since coming to power:

10 Steps of Modi Government for a Better India

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

1. Clean India Campaign

Prime Minister made an appeal for a Clean India or Swachh Bharat Abhiyan on 2 Oct 2014 which has been a non-political movement with an aim to make India clean by October, 2nd 2019, on the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. During this drive, the focus is to eliminate the open defecation, which is a blot on the society, especially for young girl and women. He flagged off the drive at Valmiki Basti which is a housing society in central Delhi for sanitation workers. This has been the most basic yet effective initiative by him transforming the image of Being Indian.

Make in India

2. Make in India

This is yet another bold step taken by Modi team introduced on September 25, 2014, at Vigyan Bhavan, New Delhi before a league of Indian business players. It focuses on attracting more investment, promote innovation, protect Intellectual properties, boost skill development and develop world-class manufacturing infrastructure in India. This is ideally a program to promote Indian products, create skill-based job opportunities by establishing industrial sector and leveraging the existing talent based in India. This concept of ‘Make in India’ has been applauded by worldwide leaders generating a positive response from foreign companies. The basic concept is to go and sell in any country of the world, manufacturing in India.

Creation of NITI Aayog Replacing Planning Commission

3. Creation of NITI Aayog Replacing Planning Commission

Through a resolution of the Union Cabinet on 1 Jan 2015, the Modi-led government formed National Institution of Transforming India (NITI) Aayog, which is a policymaker of Government of India replacing Planning Commission. It was headed by PM Modi and its members consisting of well-known and top economists, reformers, consultant, and advisers. It is the successor of planning commission with a focus to provide advice, monitor and evaluate the implementation of drives, programs and initiatives of national development priorities sectors.

Jan Dhan Yojana

4. Jan Dhan Yojana

Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana was introduced on 15 August 2014 by PM Narendra Modi, which has been his flagship financial inclusion mission with a slogan “Mera Khata, Bhagya Vidhta”. This drive was initiated to ensure access to financial services, like saving and current accounts, remittance, pension, insurance easily and quickly. Under this drive on the inauguration day alone, 1.5 crore bank account was opened which got a mention in the Guinness World Record for having opened a massive number of bank accounts in a single day. Over 15 crore bank accounts were opened in one year with a core focus to reach every household to deliver pension, insurance, and credit facility to account holders.

Cordial & Flexible Foreign Policies

5. Cordial & Flexible Foreign Policies

PM Modi’s foreign policy also talks about the universal fraternity. He focuses on improving relations with neighboring nations and encouraging them to invest in India by offering relaxation in foreign policies and other lucrative initiatives. He met various US business leaders and invited them to join hand with Make in India program. Be it aerospace, Airbus, bullet train or even manufacturing opportunities he invited the most powerful worldwide economies to invest in India. He has been successful in sending this message to the world leaders that India is a “competitive, confident and secure” nation for business opportunities.

Economic Reforms and Policy Implementation

6. Economic Reforms and Policy Implementation

Our Prime Minister Mr. Modi’s major concern is to revive Indian economy via core and major reforms in the sector of export and manufacturing. To achieve this, the government has not only increased the limits of FDI in Insurance, Railways, and Defense but it has also privatized loss-making public sector organizations. Despite facing the persistent opposition from his coalition partners, PM Modi kept his focus on economic transformation. It has already initiated the work on connecting major cities through Diamond Quadrilateral Rail Corridor project. Several other major reforms and developments are under process like the bullet train project from Ahmedabad to Mumbai and many other dream projects like Clean Ganga Drive and 100 Smart Cities.

Tourism Industry Got a Lift

7. Tourism Industry Got a Lift

Almost in every channel of advertisement tourism is getting promoted and it has been featured strongly in the government’s action plan. The core objective of this mission has been to make India a world-class tourist destination. This drive has also included the major revamp and reformation in visa system in last one year. Visa-on-arrival service has also been introduced for all leading nations which is a major breakthrough in this direction. All these initiatives have been analyzed and a major progress has been noticed in the number of foreign tourist arrivals since 3 years.

Improving Relations with Neighboring Nations

8. Improving Relations with Neighboring Nations

Modi–led government is more focused on improving social, economic, cultural ties with immediate neighbors. This was quite visible by sending out invitations to all heads of SAARC nations to Modi’s swearing-in ceremony which was the first major, aggressive and diplomatic move by our Prime Minister. It gave a clear and bold message to the World that India knows how to celebrate happiness and swearing-in in Asia. This can be considered as the first diplomatic victory for Modi and India become a major country on the world map once again.

Toilets Building Campaign

9. Toilets Building Campaign

Building toilets drive initiated by PM Modi has created a great buzz around and it is a massive yet unique project to construct 10 crore toilets by 2019 at a remarkable rate of one toilet per second. Our Prime Minister Mr. Modi also appealed to the corporate segment to contribute in this Clean India drive. This has actually evoked a positive response from IT tycoons like TCS and they have promised to build 10,000 toilets in girls’ schools all over the country. With an enormous fund of 100 crore provisioned for this drive, this is actually a very fundamental yet neglected aspect of basic amenities. Many other private bodies and institutions have come forward like Oriental Bank of Commerce, Bharti Foundation, Adani Group, Vedanta Group, and Reliance Group and pledged support for the campaign and have also contributed open heartedly.

Confidence-building Initiatives in Kashmir

10. Confidence-building Initiatives in Kashmir

This is the most sensitive yet untouched part of India by most of the governments. Kashmir is an integral part of India but has always been reeling under number of controversies – both in Centre and State. Modi Government has always acted promptly in any major issues and situation that may arise in the valley. Recently during the flood devastations in the valley, Modi government acted immediately and with clean heart. He kept a constant monitoring system for flood-affected areas and people of Kashmir and treated them well. He even spent Deepawali with Kashmir flood survivors, which received applause from his critics also. We can say after a long any Indian politician could strike a chord with the Kashmiri people.

These are some of the most fundamental yet important vision and drive initiated by Mr. Modi. Do you know what makes PM Modi stand out of any other prime minister of India? It is his honesty, dedication to work for the wellbeing of India and not having any blot on his career and character. I am sure he is going to establish many milestones in future and act as the torchbearer of making India a new Nation with full of hope, opportunities and hi-tech dreams.

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