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Guest Posts


**Submissions are open now! To submit a guest post read this page!

Gudbe is for everyone! It is a place where people gather to share their views, ideas, stories and journeys of their lives! It could be good, inspiring, healing, or even touching. You can write about your views on any topic that relates to the theme of Gudbe which can make lives better with the unique tips and healing techniques.

Gudbe is viewed and reached by thousands of friends, persons, and professionals every month. It has a large audience of enthusiasts who are eagerly looking for tips to grow, advance and improves their lives.

Having three sabbatical years in a row, Gudbe is not ready to spread, accept and embrace all those thoughts and contribution that can help people to combat with negativity and rise up from their present state of mind and elevate themselves to grow and rejoice. Gudbe has been fortunate to have been receiving posts from many openhearted and generous contributors who have been sharing their fresh ideas. You too can share your voice!

You can be from anywhere, of any age, any gender or from any country to submit guest posts in original, which has not been posted previously anywhere else, along with a bio.


Keep the word count between 1,000 and 1,500 words.

You may share a particular story from your life, with comprehensive details. Don’t forget to share your lessons and insights from that incident as it will make the post more strong and lively.

You can also write on a specific topic going well with the theme of Gudbe i.e motivation, inspiration, life skills, happiness etc. Choose a topic pertaining to personal growth productivity, blogging/running an online business, writing, coaching, becoming a motivational speaker, or about entrepreneurship.

Please do not refer your blog, book, or speaking career in the body of the piece. You can add this in your bio.

Make sure you provide an original, fresh and personal post.

Keep paragraphs short i.e. three to four sentences or fewer.

Add a bio, fifty words or fewer, at the bottom of the post. You can include any number of links as you like.


Send your post in Doc File, not HTML, in Microsoft Word to, writing the title in the subject line.

You may add a photo in .jpg format.

Please submit posts that you have written not from anyone hired.