Self-Discipline – The Best Arsenal to Achieve Success and Happiness in Life

Everyone has some dream and goals in life. Don’t you have? Of course, you too! How to pursue it? What challenges would you face? How to overcome it? All these questions would often have baffled you and seeking answer would have left you confused. Seriously! I mean it. Everyone has his own way of perceiving

Are your Excuses Paralyzing your Future? How to Stop Making Excuses!

Excuses weaken the root of confidence. Excuses display your unwillingness and inability to perform. Excuses are for weak people not for those who are born fighters. Remember – every difficulty is an opportunity in disguise! Who knows a single opportunity which you might have neglected making excuses would have changed your world had you taken

How to Fight Back Low Self Esteem

There are times in everyone’s life when you lose faith in yourself. It could be due to many obvious or unexplainable reasons like having grown up in a dysfunctional family, childhood abuse etc. Often the onus of pleasing everyone lies on you and you think if you are compliant and accommodating, everyone would be happy

How Being Single Makes you Stronger and Confident

Yes, this is true. Living alone has been the trend of the day and getting more and more momentum in recent years. It is due to the benefits it has to offer. You may be alone at times, but it helps you grow stronger and confident of yourself too as you are the whole sole

Amazing Feats Achieved by People After 70

Age is just a number when it comes to achieving extraordinary feats. Do you know there are people who achieved something really amazing and offbeat at a very advanced age when most of us would find solace in secluding ourselves? Have a look at the extraordinary courage and passion of these old people who achieved

8 Tips to Manage Disappointment

It’s a human nature to avoid change which is the major cause of disappointment. It sucks! But this is the only truth!  In your life, relationships, workplace, family, society and government everywhere change is prevalent. To fear change is to fear being challenged. Have you ever looked back and wondered how much has changed? I