How Being Single Makes you Stronger and Confident

Yes, this is true. Living alone has been the trend of the day and getting more and more momentum in recent years. It is due to the benefits it has to offer. You may be alone at times, but it helps you grow stronger and confident of yourself too as you are the whole sole

Amazing Feats Achieved by People After 70

Age is just a number when it comes to achieving extraordinary feats. Do you know there are people who achieved something really amazing and offbeat at a very advanced age when most of us would find solace in secluding ourselves? Have a look at the extraordinary courage and passion of these old people who achieved

8 Tips to Manage Disappointment

It’s a human nature to avoid change which is the major cause of disappointment. It sucks! But this is the only truth!  In your life, relationships, workplace, family, society and government everywhere change is prevalent. To fear change is to fear being challenged. Have you ever looked back and wondered how much has changed? I

How Risk-Taking is Stepping Stone to Success!

There are two aspects of everything. Every day is followed by night and happiness has its dark side of sorrow. Both the aspects of life have its own color and tune. The brighter side of life and effort is only visible when you take risks. Of course, calculated risks are more recommended but the risk

How to Overcome Depression – 8 Tips to Practice

Depression is a part of life. It is the flip side of motivation. Of course, you cannot avoid being depressed at some stages in your life due to various reasons. Getting plagued by the cloud of sadness, hopelessness, and worthlessness is a sign you are reeling under depression. It is not about being in a

Top 10 Evergreen Happiness Tips you Must Practice

Who doesn’t want to be happy? But most of us are not happy! You know why? The reason is simple – they do not want to! Yes, they do not want to be happy or else there is not force that can leave you unhappy without your consent! It’s only you who is responsible for