Best Resolutions in 2014 and How to fulfill it

Yes, it can be! It’s entirely your own consciousness and discretion that will keep you motivated and happy everyday of 2014. Best Resolutions Some of the most affective and strong resolutions, I feel each one of you should make this New Year, should include: Lead a Peaceful Life For me, it’s one of the best

Top Tips to Remain Self-Motivated

you can do it

Motivation is all that can help you achieve any goal if you are indeed seeking success and happiness in life. It’s the greatest inspiration without which nothing can be achieved – be it name, fame, success or money! To retain the same tempo of inspiration and motivation for your objective is the greatest challenge that

Why and How to Embrace Constructive Change

Change is life

Change is inevitable! Most of time, it brings happiness and freshness in our lives.  There would be many, who would not agree with me, as changes are not always welcoming! But it will definitely teach you to adjust with the changing scenario and adapt yourself to the changes. This too is equally true that change

How to Manage Yourself Professionally

It’s very important in today’s dynamic business world to manage yourself properly, because this will decide how successful leader and team player you can become in future, and how successfully you can handle a business. Managing yourself is not only about managing your time and brushing up your leadership skills, it’s also about taking right

How to be Happy when Alone

Loneliness is often a curse for many! It is really depressing, being alone! But there are several ways you can utilize your leisure hours to stay happy, transforming your loneliness into bliss! It’s your own self, your soul that keeps you happy! No one can make you happy unless you want to be one! So

Are your Capabilities Limitless?

Yes, you heard right – your limit is limitless! As sky has no boundaries, so are your limits. It has been debated and accepted that human brain has no limits. It can be molded through practice to yield astonishing results. It is just your own dedication and choice how to utilize your capabilities, creativity and